Student union by-election pushed back

    A student union by-election slated to happen Nov. 9 and 10  has been postponed until Nov. 12 and 13.

    The by-election was scheduled last week after Vice President Administration Corben McLean submitted his resignation.

    The election move comes after off-campus representative Mitch Messom resigned from his position, creating a need for a second by-election. Union by-laws (which can be found here) stipulate a three-day nomination period, a three-day campaign period, and at least one business day between the two periods.

    Rather than run two separate by-elections, the union opted to push back the VP administration election to coincide with that of the off-campus representative election.

    Nominations for the two positions are open until Nov. 3.

    Messom resigned his position to run for VP administration.


    1. Once again, the STUSU proves it’s an organization populated by people merely out to pad resumes. Absolutely amazing these people continue to get elected by the ignorant student body of St. Thomas University.


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