Contact/Staff List

Editor-in-Chief — Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri

Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri is a fourth-year journalism and political science student originally from Lima, Peru. She’s immigrated to Canada to pursue a higher education and is committed to reporting on campus, national and international news. When she’s not working, you can find her chatting with her friends, on the phone with her family back home or going on walks around our beautiful city of Fredericton! If you have any pitches, suggestions or concerns, you can contact her at [email protected].


Managing Editor — Peter Jewett

Peter Jewett is a journalism student born and raised in Fredericton. During the 2021-22 school year, he was The Aquinian’s Radio Producer. In that role, he built the AQ’s Top of the Hill Weekly podcast from the ground up. He’s looking forward to taking on a new role with The Aquinian this year as Managing Editor. Peter’s biggest passion is basketball; he is also the voice of the UNB REDS basketball webcasts on AUStv. His interests include music, technology and sports – mainly U SPORTS basketball, the NBA and WNBA, Formula 1 and the NFL. Peter can be reached by email at [email protected].


News Editor — Oliver Pearson

Oliver Pearson is a third-year journalism student from Fredericton. He started as a volunteer writer for The Aquinian last year and now finds himself in a full-time position. Oliver stays connected to the community he grew up in and hopes to use his connections to share interesting stories with his readers. Other than journalism, Oliver is a big sports fan and is excited for the upcoming seasons. If you have any pitches, send them to [email protected].



Features Editor — Shannon Munro

Shannon Munro is a third-year great books and communications student at STU. Aside from school, you can often find her on the volleyball court, at the gym, or at the library with friends. She has always been passionate about writing and is excited for her first year as the features editor with the Aquinian. Share your story ideas at [email protected].



Arts & Culture Editor — Camila Gomez

Camila Gomez is a fourth-year student from Lima, Peru, double majoring in journalism and English. She is excited and thrilled to take on the role of art and culture editor. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking with friends and participating in new activities around the city. Camila enjoys art and loves hearing other people’s stories about doing what they love. Contact her at [email protected].



Sports Editor — Martina Barclay

Martina Barclay is a third-year psychology and English student, with a passion for writing and journalism! She is thrilled to be taking on the position of sports editor, having played sports her whole life, including currently for the STU Women’s hockey team. You can usually find her sitting in JDH, working away on some project or at a local Starbucks, and you’re always welcome to come say hi and have a chat! Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Martina has loved living in Fredericton for the last two years and is excited to work with STU’s talented writers! Connect with [email protected] about stories!


Photo Editor — Daniel Salas

Daniel Salas is a third-year journalism and history student from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He joined The Aquinian last year as photo editor. For him, the influence of photography within journalism helps portray events that the public must see. You can reach him out at [email protected].




Video Producer — Ian Curran

Ian Curran is a first-year student at St. Thomas University planning to major in journalism and fine arts. He is so excited to share the stories of the STU community. Ian has filmed and edited videos ever since he was eight years old. He has also reported on red carpets at the Juno Awards and the East Coast Music Awards, and worked for CHCO TV in St. Andrews, N.B. Outside of school, you can usually find Ian playing the bagpipes or acting in some sort of theatrical production. Connect with him at [email protected].



Senior Writer — Cesar Camacho

Cesar Camacho is a third-year journalism and political science student minoring in philosophy. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, he started getting involved with The Aquinian in his second year and he is very enthusiastic to be part of the team as the senior writer. His high school literature teacher, Gisella Vulgarin, inspired him to follow journalism as a career to give the spotlight to the ones who deserve it. Have a story, comment, tip, or just want to chat? Feel free to email [email protected].


Social Media & Advertising Editor — Ana Cañarte

Ana Sofia Cañarte is a fourth-year student from Bogota, Colombia majoring in human rights and communications & public policy, with a minor in journalism. She is looking forward to learning more about student journalism and is excited to take on the role of social media and advertising editor. Outside school, she loves playing music, hanging out with friends, and learning new things. For social media or advertising inquiries, email her at [email protected].