Contact/Staff List

Editor-in-Chief — Hannah Rudderham

Hannah Rudderham is the Editor-in-Chief with the 2021-2022 team at The Aquinian. She is a fourth-year journalism student, minoring in fine arts and communications & public policy. She is a lover of all things musical theatre. Last year, Rudderham was the news editor for The Aquinian and took a particular liking to covering breaking news. She can usually be found editing articles in a coffee shop from early morning hours to late at night. She’s written for publications like Huddle Today and This Magazine and she’s currently a columnist for Saltwire Network. Have a story tip or just want to chat? Email


Managing Editor — Hana Delaney

Hana Delaney is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in psychology and communications with a minor in journalism. She is also excited to be completing an interdisciplinary honours thesis exploring the overlap between her three courses of study. Delaney is honoured to be stepping up to managing editor position and to be leading such a fantastic team of young journalists. As if she doesn’t do enough writing already, Delaney enjoys writing poetry in her free time, as well as cooking and taking walks through Odell Park. While she is originally from Scarborough, Maine, she has come to think of Fredericton as her second home. Delaney is excited to tell stories that matter to the STU community. Want to become a volunteer writer? Feel free to contact her at

News Editor — Jessica Saulnier

Jessica Saulnier is a fourth-year journalism and communications student and The Aquinian’s news editor. She always wanted to pursue journalism but never considered it as an option until she took an introductory course during her first year and realized St. Thomas University was where she could accomplish this aspiration. Saulnier was a volunteer writer for The Aquinian last year and found herself interested in all kinds of news-related stories. She is excited to chat with people and share their stories with the STU community. Saulnier would love to hear your story tip or opinions by emailing her at


Features Editor — Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is in her fourth year at St. Thomas University majoring in journalism and great books. She was born in Boston but grew up in New Hampshire. In her free time, she likes to swim, camp and hang out with friends. If you’d like to reach out to her, email




Arts & Culture editor — Brooklyn Wilkins

Brooklyn Wilkins is a third-year journalism and English honours student and has been an avid writer for the Aquinian since her first year at STU. She has a deep love for musical theatre, fine arts and music. If you stumble across her on campus, she’ll most likely be reading or creating something (whether that’s drawing, writing or painting) with a coffee in hand. Wilkins is a social butterfly and loves talking with others about the arts and pop culture, so don’t be afraid to approach her and strike up a conversation! If you have any news or ideas about the local arts community, you can contact Wilkins at


Sports Editor — Summer Arsenault

Summer Arsenault is a fourth-year student double majoring in Journalism and Psychology. She is originally from Prince Edward Island but has lived in Burton, New Brunswick for most of her life. Although Arsenault is just joining the world of journalism, she fell in love with it. She had the opportunity to write for The Aquinian this past year and is now joining us as sports editor. Arsenault will keep everyone up to date on STU sports and athletes’ stories, as well as Fredericton sports as a whole. Sports have played a key role in Arsenault’s life and she is thrilled to embark on this new journey and bring everyone along with her. She is always eager to chat! You can reach her at

Photo Editor — Aaron Sousa

Aaron Sousa is a third-year journalism student and starting his second year as The Aquinian’s photo editor. He recently finished a summer internship at Huddle Today and works as a part-time reporter at CHSJ News. Sousa has produced work for CHSR-FM, Telegraph-Journal and CBC Radio. When he’s not running around like a headless chicken, he enjoys snapping pictures, vibing to oldies, hanging with friends and drinking way too much caffeine — you know, like a procrastinator. You can send him story ideas at


Video Producer — Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore is a third-year journalism and great books student. He recently found a passion for video news stories in his classes at St. Thomas University, so he is excited to have the chance to work with The Aquinian as video producer. To him, the best part of journalism is finding incredible stories from seemingly ordinary people. Everyone has a story, but the more absurd and outlandish, the better. When he isn’t hunting for stories, he’s writing them — or laugh-crying at a great satirical novel. He always wants to meet new people and learn about their crazy lives, so don’t hesitate to contact him at


Radio Producer — Peter Jewett

Peter Jewett is a fourth-year journalism student at St. Thomas University from Fredericton, New Brunswick. He has been writing for The Aquinian since 2019, mostly about sports, but also news and other subjects. Jewett is an avid podcast listener and has been creating his own shows since high school. His podcasting experience will come in handy this year as The Aquinian’s first radio producer. He’s passionate about music, technology and sports, specifically basketball, football and recently, Formula 1 racing. You can contact Jewett via email at


Senior Writer — Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri

Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri is a second-year journalism student from Peru and The Aquinian’s senior writer. Moving from her home country to Canada has made her appreciate different cultures and perspectives. Apart from writing, Grillo de Lambarri enjoys overanalyzing films and books, listening to philosophy podcasts and cooking for her loved ones. You can catch her drinking coffee in a quiet corner with her headphones on. If you have any ideas you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact her at



Social Media & Advertising Editor — Estefania Martinez

Estefania Martinez is a second-year international relations and economics major from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is excited to be joining The Aquinian as the social media & advertising editor for this academic year. Some of her passions are fine arts, volunteering and pop culture. Besides managing social media, Martinez loves to meet new people, understand new perspectives and engage in her hobbies such as creating art, reading and analyzing films. Don’t hesitate to reach out, she loves to talk about anything! You can contact her at