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Editor-in-Chief – Sarah Morin

Sarah Morin is editor-in-chief of The Aquinian. She loves listening to people’s stories and enjoys telling others about what new, cool and interesting things people in the community are up to. Sarah is a fourth-year journalism and human rights major. She’s worked at CBC, the Daily Gleaner and was news editor for The Aquinian in 2017-18. If she’s not doing journalism, she’s probably studying, reading or out supporting her friends. If you have any story ideas, questions or concerns, you can reach her at Alternatively, you can probably find her drinking copious amounts of coffee while studying in the Great Hall, so feel free to drop by and say hi!

Managing Editor – Cassidy Chisholm

Cassidy Chisholm is a fourth-year journalism major at St. Thomas University. When she was in Grade 8, she knew she wanted to be a journalist. She had her first article published three years later in her hometown’s publication, the Grand Lake Mirror. Last year, she was The Aquinian’s features editor, always running around campus searching for stories. But this year, she’s your managing editor! If you have any questions or concerns, let her know or you can email her at and she will help you to the best of her abilities. Six years in customer service has taught her well (after all that time, she still wants to hear your stories)!

News Editor – Haley Stairs

Haley Stairs is a fourth-year journalism and communications major and the news editor for The Aquinian this year. She hails from the north side of Fredericton and is proud to call this beautiful city her home. Her curiosity about journalism crept up on her in her senior year of high school. She remembers driving past the CBC a thousand times when she was a kid. She always wondered what went on behind those walls. Writing has always been one of her passions, so in her freshman year at St. Thomas University she decided to take a crack at the journalism program. She hasn’t looked back since. She looks forward to keeping students up to date on what’s happening on campus and in the community. You can contact her anytime at

Features Editor – Lauren Hoyt

Lauren Hoyt loved writing from a young age. She knew she wanted to be a journalist since she was 12 years old. Originally from the small town of Grand Bay-Westfield, she came to St. Thomas University to take journalism and communications and public policy. Along with writing, Lauren loves anything to do with fashion and make-up. You can contact Lauren at

Arts Editor – Jerry-Faye Flatt

Jerry-Faye Flatt is a third-year journalism and communications student who has an adoration for all things art. She comes from a family of musicians and has been performing music publicly since she was five. Flatt has a passion for writing and is thrilled to be The Aquinian arts editor for the 2018-19 academic year. She also enjoys taking photos, playing in bands, driving around in her red 1981 Ford van and hanging out with her cats, Odie and Molly. Her dream job is to be the future host of CBC’s Q. You can often find her dancing to live music at The Capital Complex and regularly staying out too late on school nights. You can email her anytime with questions or story ideas at

Sports Editor – Shannon Cornelius

Shannon is a fourth-year journalism and communications and public policy major at St. Thomas University. She is also your sports editor and a big football fan (Go Pats Go!). She loves photography, music and her guinea pig, Elle. She also has an addiction to coffee and crime shows.
She hopes to bring you major sports stories every week and keep you up-to-date on Tommies action! Feel free to email her anytime at

Layout Editor – Caitlin Dutt

Caitlin Dutt is thrilled to be returning to The Aquinian. Last year she was the photo editor, and now she’s taking on the role of layout editor. The third-year journalism and GRID student has been involved with The Aquinian since her first year at St. Thomas University and her love for STU’s student paper has only grown. She worked at the Daily Gleaner as a summer intern and she is excited to bring the skills she learned to the team. She is excited to bring a new look to the paper in print and online. She will also be a contributing writer. In her spare time, she likes to bike, read and explore Fredericton with friends. Feel free to contact her at

Photo Editor – “Alex” Young Joo-Jun

Young Joo-Jun, a second-year journalism major, likes photography, ice skating, hiking, nail art, sleeping and other random stuff. If it’s something new and she has the opportunity to try it, she will (unless it involves spiders). She’s hoping for a fun year and is pumped to take lots of awesome photos. Feel free to contact her at, especially if you are interested in taking any photos this year!

Video Editor – Elijah Matheson

Elijah Matheson is currently in their fifth year at St. Thomas University majoring in journalism and human rights. Partway through their time at STU, Elijah enrolled in a journalism documentary class and realized their passion for filmmaking and storytelling. Elijah has worked as an associate producer at an independent television station. They love running around with a camera to chat with folks and cover stories, and hopes to soon have their own production company. When not filming or editing, Eli enjoys playing banjo, longboarding, watching documentaries and advocating for minority rights. Elijah is ecstatic to serve the campus community as the video editor at The Aquinian for the 2018-19 academic year. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or video ideas, feel free to contact Elijah by emailing

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