Contact/Staff List


Editor-in-Chief — Diana Chávez

Diana Chávez is a fourth-year journalism and Great Books student from Ecuador. She was last year’s news editor and is thrilled to be this year’s editor-in-chief. Chávez has written for The Aquinian since her first year at St. Thomas University and has also worked at publications such as Huddle Today and the Brunswickan. She enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds, listening to their unique stories and then writing them. Have a story tip, or just want to chat? Contact her at


Managing Editor — Jasmine Gidney

Jasmine Gidney is a fourth-year journalism student and the managing editor of The Aquinian. She has written for The Aquinian since her first year at St. Thomas University and she was the features editor for the 2019 – 2020 year. When she’s not rushing to meet a deadline or tracking down someone to interview, you can find Gidney at the movie theatre or exploring Fredericton. Have a story tip? You can contact her at



News Editor — Hannah Rudderham

Hannah Rudderham is the news editor with the 2020-2021 team. She’s a third-year journalism student who loves musical theatre and show tunes. Rudderham can usually be found writing articles in a coffee shop from early morning hours to late at night. She’s written for publications like Huddle Today and the Brunswickan. She’s currently a columnist for Saltwire Network, and she’s contributed to The Aquinian during her past two years at STU. Rudderham loves meeting new people so if you have a story tip, don’t be afraid to reach out at


Features Editor — Laura MacDonald

Laura MacDonald is a fourth-year journalism major and The Aquinian’s features editor. She loves listening to people talk and is excited to write their stories. Laura decided to pursue journalism in high school after watching countless documentaries. She’s from Cape Breton Island and is always in the Highlands hiking when she’s not in Fredericton. If you see Laura around campus with headphones in, she’s probably just listening to a podcast or Bob Dylan. If you want to talk to her don’t be shy, she loves talking about almost anything to anyone, or you can contact her at


Arts Editor — Matthew Daigle

Matthew Daigle is a fourth-year journalism and communications student and The Aquinian’s new arts & culture editor. A former columnist for the sports section, Daigle is now stepping up and looking forward to transitioning to arts. While he did work in sports last year, he has plenty of experience in arts, performing musical theatre for the past three years. This includes St. Thomas’s production of Newsies as brute Morris Delancey. Daigle believes that art is what people live for, art is life. If you see him on campus, he can always talk about movies, music or theatre for hours without getting bored. The purpose of the arts section is to see art and the stories behind it and bring it to life on the page. If you have a story, you can contact him at

Sports Editor — Billy Cole

Billy Cole is a fourth-year journalism student at St. Thomas University from Riverview, New Brunswick. In his second year as the sports editor for The Aquinian, he’s excited to continue providing you with the news on St. Thomas sports, as well as Fredericton. In what will be a different year for Tommies’ sports, he hopes to provide you with the latest updates on whether or not there will be university sports this year. This year, he wants to feature more athletes in the Fredericton area for in-depth stories to share with everyone. Cole is ready for the challenge. You can contact Cole through his email,


Photo Editor — Aaron Sousa

Aaron Sousa is a second-year journalism student and The Aquinian’s photo editor. Last year, he was a reporter and photographer and is excited for another great year. Sousa has also produced work with CHSR-FM, The Pigeon, Telegraph-Journal, Kings County Record, Grid City Magazine and CBC Radio’s Information Morning Saint John. When he isn’t working on news, you can usually find him on campus procrastinating, listening to music, snapping photos and drinking way too much caffeine. If you have a story tip, you can contact him at


Video Editor — Young Joo Jun

Young Joo Jun is a journalist in her final year at St.Thomas University. She has become interested in videography in the past few years. Taking advantage of her experience with photography she has smoothly adapted to creating other forms of visual content such as videos. You may have seen one of her Mukbang videos she made for The Aquinian. In her free time, she enjoys working on her skills and filming the beautiful nature that Canada has presented her. You can contact her at


Multimedia Editor — Shannon Nickerson

Shannon Nickerson is a third-year journalism and communications student and The Aquinian’s multimedia editor. She’s new to the AQ and is overjoyed to be part of the paper’s clockwork. She has a passion for obscure, niche topics that make interesting stories and is always on top of the social media curve. If it’s new and trending, she’s already seven tabs deep in research. She’s got a soft spot for more artistic approaches to news writing. If you’ve got something interesting to say, she’s got it recorded and memorized. Let’s just hope she remembers to turn her recorder on! If you want to help her express your thoughts, contact her at


Social Media & Web Editor — Hana Delaney

Hana Delaney is a third-year student pursuing a double major in psychology and communications, as well as a minor in journalism. While she is originally from Scarborough, Maine, she has come to think of Fredericton as her second home. Hana is honoured to be pioneering this role and to be joining such a fantastic team of young journalists. As if she doesn’t do enough writing already, Hana enjoys writing poetry in her free time, as well as baking and taking walks through Odell Park. She is committed to continuing the legacy of The Aquinian in this new and exciting format. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the social media pages or website, feel free to contact her at