Contact/Staff List

Editor-in-Chief — Aaron Sousa

Aaron Sousa is a fourth-year journalism student at St. Thomas University. After two years as The Aquinian’s photo editor, he feels honoured to be editor-in-chief. Aaron’s other journalism credits include The Canadian Press, Acadia Broadcasting, Huddle, Telegraph-Journal and CBC Radio. When life isn’t hectic, he spends time with his partner-in-crime Mitch, snaps photos, writes poetry and love songs, listens to oldies and tries to find the best recipe for iced coffee. Have a story tip or just want to chat? Email


Managing Editor — Brooklyn Wilkins

Brooklyn Wilkins is a fourth-year journalism and English honours student at St. Thomas University. Her involvement with The Aquinian began in her first year. Writing is her passion — whether journalistic, short stories, script writing or poetry — and consumes most of her free time. Brooklyn also loves the arts and is an avid musical theatre fan. She’s excited to see what this year’s team can do and cannot wait to share stories in the STU community. Feel free to share your story or just chat by emailing


News Editor — Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri

Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri is a third-year journalism and political science student from Lima, Peru. She joined The Aquinian last year as its senior writer and is excited to be its news editor. To Giuliana, journalism sheds light on issues that affect ordinary people. As the news editor, she is eager to hear all types of stories. Do not hesitate to contact her at



Features Editor — Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore is a fourth-year journalism and great books student. It is his second year working for The Aquinian, and he is glad to be back as features editor. To him, the best part of journalism is finding incredible stories from seemingly ordinary people. Please tell him about your crazy life. Contact him at




Arts & Culture Editor — Guinevere Santaguida

Guinevere Santaguida is in her fourth year at St. Thomas University, majoring in journalism with a minor in philosophy. Guinevere previously lived in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. She is an avid reader and writer, worked as an intern on Parliament Hill and began writing for The Aquinian last year. Guinevere enjoys the arts and loves talking with artists, poets, comics and musicians. She loves sharing the stories of those who love what they do. Have a story? Email



Sports Editor — Keaghan Keddy

Keaghan Keddy is a fourth-year student at STU majoring in journalism. He has plans to work in sports media after graduation, writing for major Canadian outlets like TSN and Sportsnet. It became Keaghan’s passion in middle school when he picked his favourite team, the Ottawa Senators (don’t laugh; they’re going to be good). He’s excited to work as The Aquinian’s sports editor. Connect with him by email at



Photo Editor — Daniel Salas

Daniel Salas is a second-year journalism and history student from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He joined The Aquinian this year as its photo editor. For Daniel, the influence of photography within journalism helps portray events that the public must see. For any story ideas or photo submissions, contact him at



Video Producer — Ian Curran

Ian Curran is a first-year student at St. Thomas University planning to major in journalism and fine arts. He is so excited to share the stories of the STU community. Ian has filmed and edited videos ever since he was eight years old. He has also reported on red carpets at the Juno Awards and the East Coast Music Awards, and worked for CHCO TV in St. Andrews, N.B. Outside of school, you can usually find Ian playing the bagpipes or acting in some sort of theatrical production. Connect with him at



Senior Writer — Martina Barclay

Martina Barclay is a second-year psychology student minoring in journalism and Spanish. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, she came to STU to play on the hockey team and fell in love with it. In her free time, she’s often found at a rink, gym or track, or studying in JDH with Starbucks in hand. Her high school English teacher inspired her to get involved in journalism. Besides writing, she loves theatre and travelling. Contact Martina at with story ideas.



Social Media & Advertising Editor — Violet Armistead

Violet Armistead is a fourth-year student from Bangor, Maine, majoring in communications and public policy and minoring in sociology. She is excited to learn about journalism and thrilled to take on the role of social media and advertising editor. Outside school, she enjoys taking walks with friends, discovering new music and cooking. For social media or advertising inquiries, email her at