A letter from the outgoing 2023-24 managing editor

    Even a year ago, I didn’t expect to be here. Managing editor wasn’t even on my radar. When Giuliana and Aaron convinced me to take on the position last spring, I couldn’t have known how much I’d learn and how many good memories I’d make.

    I’ll warn you ahead of time, this letter will be cliché-riddled. But I do mean everything I’m about to say. We had an amazing team this year and I’m grateful for all they did.

    First of all, I want to raise a glass to Giuliana on behalf of all AQ staff, volunteers and readers. As editor-in-chief, she carried the team. No matter the challenge, she stepped up. Down a writer? Short on stories? Giuliana would figure it out. She’s a true journalist and we would not have made it through the year without her.

    As news editor, Oliver was always on-time and never failed to have a neighbour that just happened to be the perfect source for a story. He was stretched in so many ways that have prepared him to lead next year’s team. I have no doubt that the AQ is in good hands with him, even amongst the ever-changing landscape of student journalism.

    Shannon and Martina covered features and sports diligently while also being student athletes. They worked around practices and travel, sometimes calling in for meetings from the bus or a quiet room before a road game.

    Camila single-handedly covered Fredericton’s art scene. Her section’s stories were often the only media coverage for local events. From musicals to exhibits to movie reviews, she and her writers brought it all.

    Dan took care of photos without a single complaint. His pictures added colour and emotion, which brought our stories to life. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Dan might have actually written more for the AQ this year than anyone else!

    Ian always had contagious enthusiasm for his next video project, whether it was an interview with a faculty member or his MrBeast-inspired extravaganza. Cesar also brought so much passion to his role as senior writer. He cared about every voice in each story he wrote, from athletes to musicians to faculty members.

    Ana had the entire scope of her position change as a result of Bill C-18 only days before we started in September. She worked diligently with Giuliana and me to entirely change the scope of her position and crafted our first-ever newsletter.

    To our volunteer writers, we couldn’t have done this without you. I hope you’ll continue to write for the AQ, perhaps even as staff members.

    Thank you for supporting student journalism this year. In the world we live in, media literacy and empathy are more important than ever. I know our team made a positive impact on campus and beyond.


    Peter Jewett

    Managing Editor 2023-24