Women’s volleyball team wins season home opener

(Head coach, Don McKay said the women could have played better, but was happy they were able to pull off the win. William Cumming/AQ)

St. Thomas University’s women’s volleyball team delivered a crushing victory over the Mount Allison University this Saturday.

Mount A started off weak, giving the first point to STU after hitting the net. Both teams had trouble getting the ball over the net and keeping it in bounds in the first set.

The Mounties solid blocking gave them an edge in the first two-thirds of the set, leaving the Tommies trailing behind. STU was quick to step up their own defense in the last third, and they managed to catch up. STU’s Krysteena Clements and Megan Mills both showed solid blocking and kept the ball on the Mounties’ side of the net.

Mills also delivered a powerful spike in the final third of the set to tie the game at 20.

 Megan Mills had some good blocks and helped keep the ball on Mount Allison’s side of the net. (William Cumming/AQ)

STU won the first set with a final score of 25-23.

The second set saw STU in the lead for the majority, starting after a fumble by MTA, giving the Tommies the first point.

It was close early on, but a big offensive push by STU gave them a 5-point lead over the Mounties, leaving the score at 12-7. STU managed to hold that lead for a while, but the Mounties managed to catch up and tie the game at 20.

A shotgun spike by STU’s Olivia Ormond scattered MTA and left the score 22-20. STU finished the set 25-20.

The Mounties started strong in the third set and left the Tommies 4 points behind MTA’s 7.

The Tommies pushed back, scoring six consecutive points to make the score 9-7.

 The women made good spikes and serves to help them keep their lead against Mount Allison University. (William Cumming/AQ)

The Tommies held that lead throughout the set, with Mills delivering a spike that looked like it hurt the Mountie who failed to return it. Another solid serve by Deidra Jones knocked the Mounties off balance and set the score at 17-11.

The Tommies demonstrated solid offense and awareness throughout the set and finished it off 25-15.

Tommies head coach Don McKay said the Tommies’ performance wasn’t quite what he was hoping for.

“We didn’t play really well,” said McKay.

“We struggled early. We’ve got quite a few young players, and they were a little nervous, but we really didn’t execute. We thought we were ready, [have to] give Mount A a little credit there. But it was nice to see them pull the wins out.”


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