Weekly Briefs: Jan. 13 – 17

(Alex Dascalu/AQ)

Alcohol policy

Off-campus representative Megan Cormier expressed concerns about the alcohol policy’s plan to eliminate energy drinks at the Student Union Building and price fix alcoholic drinks. She said to get rid of energy drinks is to get rid of a social area for those who don’t drink. As for price-fixing, Cormier said it doesn’t curb binge drinking and hurts low-income students. According to Competition Beauro Canada, price-fixing penalties includes fines up to $25 million, a maximum sentence of 14 years or both.

President of the St. Thomas University Students’ Union Husoni Raymond said he understands Cormier’s concerns. He believes the ban will only affect energy drinks sold by themselves and bars will still be able to sell mixed energy drinks which come from Alcohol New Brunswick. He also said a committee, including bar managers, would meet to determine the minimum prices for drinks. Though, this wouldn’t stop bars from having specials on certain drinks.

Ski and Board Club

The St. Thomas University Students’ Union approved funding for the University of New Brunswick Ski and Board club. Thirteen members of STUSU voted to approve the funding while one abstained. The club initially asked for $900 but after consulting the Finance Committee, STUSU agreed to pay $785. Vice-president administration Matt Oram said out of the 110 Ski and Board members, at least 30 to 40 members are from STU.

Thompson Rivers University conference

Vice-president administration Matt Oram said St. Thomas University’s finance committee approved $300 funding for Alex Cunningham to go to a philosophy, politics and history conference at Thompson Rivers University to present a paper she wrote.

John Howard Society

The St. Thomas University Students’ Union approved a charitable donation to the John Howard Society for $450 for the Coldest Night of the Year event.

Talent show

Harrington Hall representative Tyler Dupuis said there will be a talent show in Harrington on Feb. 7 from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

LGBTQ+ terminology guide

Sexual and gender diversity representative Tyler McGee said he’s working with the 203 Centre and two professors to create an LGBTQ+ terminology guide. The guide would feature definitions of the acronyms, how to use pronouns and how to address non-binary and transgender students. McGee said he’d want to add this document to the university’s syllabus.