Weekly Brief: Sept. 25 to 30

(Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

NBSA Advocacy Week

The New Brunswick Student Alliance’s Advocacy Week will take place from Oct. 16 to 20 and  the St. Thomas University Students’ Union  (STUSU) will focus their advocacy on international students.

“We’re attempting to understand and ensure that we are hearing the voice of the international students within our institution,” said STUSU president Stevie Demerchant. 

Demerchant hopes to put forward a new policy involving international students during NBSA’s Advocacy Week. 

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Pizza and Policy Event

SYUSU and University of New Brunswick’s Student Union are planning an event which will give students an opportunity to speak with David Coon, leader of the New Brunswick Green Party and the MLA for the Fredericton South riding. 

VP of Education Emily Boucher said Coon will be popping into classes as well as appearing at the Harriet Irving Library for conversation and pizza.

“Students will be able to come in, talk with him, have some pizza. Just chat and learn a bit more about what he can do for students,” said Boucher. 

STUSU fall by-election 

This week President Demerchant started the process of looking over the by laws and expectations for the upcoming fall by-election but there aren’t any other updates.