The AQ’s guide to road tripping

Exam season is coming up, which means new forms of procrastination are welcome. So why not plan a summer adventure? (Cara Smith/AQ)

After the beautiful bout of sunshine and heat hit Fredericton last week, students are left addicted to that taste of summer, wanting more. It’s unbearable to think of waiting any longer, so when you need a break from exam cramming, why not concoct a summer kick-off adventure?

The AQ’s Laura Brown did the numbers.


11 hours, 13 minutes

1,007.9 km

The capital city seems like a cliche, but Parliament Hill really is pretty great. And the Byward Market will help stock you up on some fresh foods for cheap.

Places to stay:

Ottawa Backpackers Inn, York Street, average $25/night

Hi-Ottawa Jail Hostel, Nicholas Street, average $30/night

Algonquin College Residence, Woodroffe Avenue, average $31/night

How to get there:

Train, Moncton to Ottawa: $321 (round-trip)


15 hours, 8 minutes
1,359 km
There’s nothing like checking out the obvious hotspots in Canada’s biggest city. Take the ferry and head over to the Toronto Islands, where you’ll find yourself at the Centreville Amusement Park, something a bit different than the CN Tower. The city also has more than 200 pieces of outdoor public art and historical monuments.

Places to stay:
Planet Traveler, College Street, average $30/night
Global Village Backpackers, King St. West, average $30/night
The Only Backpacker’s Inn, Danforth Avenue, average $23/night

How to get there:
Train, Moncton to Toronto: $432 (round-trip)

New York

10 hours, 49 minutes

1,047 km

If you’re feeling especially adventurous and have a bit more money to spend, it could be worth heading south to get yourself an I(L)NYC shirt. Check out the cobblestone streets of the West Village Stroll or the Film Forum, where you can see films you may otherwise only read about.

Places to stay:

The New York Loft Hostel, Varet Street, average $35/night

Hostelling International New York, Amsterdam Avenue, average $43/night

Morningside Inn, West 107th Street, average $33/night

How to get there:

Amtrack train, Bangor to New York: $149 (round-trip)

Shopping is a must in NYC. Right now, the Canadian dollar is at $1.0007 U.S.


7 hours, 6 minutes
696.1 km
There’s no train connection between New Brunswick and Maine. In order to catch a train to some place in the United States, the nearest train station is in Bangor. Bangor is 313 km away from Fredericton and also home to a couple Tim Hortons locations if you’re already feeling a bit homesick. But don’t expect to come across many Tim’s as you drive further south.

Places to stay:
40 Berkeley Hostel, Berkeley Street, average $33/night
H.I. Boston Downtown, Hemenway Street , average $36/night
Friend Street Hostel, Friend Street, average $36/night

How to get there:
Catch a bus in Bangor, which connects to a train in Portland that takes you to Boston: $46 (round-trip)
Gas is cheaper in the States. There’s only 3.8 litres in a gallon and right now, a gallon of gas in Boston is about $3.65. That’s only about 96 cents a litre!


9 hours, 7 minutes
822.9 km
It’s not far, but you still get that taste of adventure and vacation. Check out Old Montreal and Mont Royal Avenue where you’ll find every different music store you can imagine.

Places to stay:
Auberge de Paris, Sherbrooke E Street, average $25/night
Chez Jean, Henri Julien Avenue, average $20/night
Auberge L’Apero, Mackay Street, average $19/night

How to get there:
Train, Moncton to Montreal: $275 (round-trip)
If you’re taking your own car, Montreal has some of the most expensive gas prices in all of Quebec. Fill up your tank before you hit the city.

An Enterprise Rent-A-Car economy car costs $302 per week. That includes the under age 25 fee, which is $70. But kms are limited to 1,400/week when you venture outside the Maritimes. It costs an additional 18 cents for every extra km.