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(Philip Drost/AQ)

New to College Hill this year: the Buccaneers. The UNB Buccaneers are a club lacrosse team, but it’s not only for UNB students. Fourth-year students Conrad Palmer and Jake Bracewell from St. Thomas are donning the red jersey of their neighbour down the hill.

(Philip Drost/AQ)
(Sean McCullum/AQ)

The Buccaneers are off to a pretty stormy season. After losing heartbreakers to Acadia and Saint Mary’s University, their record stands at an unsatisfying zero wins and four loses.

Bracewell is a defender for the Buccaneers.

“We’re awesome, we just don’t have enough team chemistry,” Bracewell said. He thinks with the talent on the team there is no excuse for their poor record.

So far, the St. Thomas support for the team has been minimal.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve only noticed like two friends in the crowd,” said Bracewell. “More people would definitely be motivational.”

Palmer is an attacker on the team. Palmer is the first Tommie to record a goal in league history.

“Feels pretty good to make history. I should have a plaque for that,” said Palmer. “It’s good to represent the old Tommies.”

Aside from his Buccaneers jersey, all of Palmer’s gear is green, a homage to his STU roots.

“It doesn’t really match too well,” said Palmer.

(Sean McCullum/AQ)
(Sean McCullum/AQ)

UNB player Stewart Doucet said that the Buccaneers love having the STU students come play for them.

“A lot of good talent comes from the university up there,” said Doucet. “We’re still a growing program and need all the help we can get.”

Despite the rough start, Palmer has high hopes for the rest of the season.

“We have some really good home games coming up. They should be pretty tight.”

Though they aren’t attracting the STU fans, the Buccaneers have had good support from UNB. Tommies fans are so use to cheering against UNB in events like the battle of the hill, that cheering for the Varsity Reds might just feel wrong. Palmer hopes some of his fellow students will be able to move past that feeling.

“I don’t know how much STU is willing to support a UNB team, but it would be nice to get some people out there giving Jake and I a shout,” said Palmer.

The Buccaneers play Acadia on October 5. Palmer hopes that they will break their losing streak.


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