STUSU Vice President Corben McLean resigns

VP Admin Corben McLean in an SRC meeting last year.  (Alex Solak/AQ)
VP Admin Corben McLean in an SRC meeting last year. (Alex Solak/AQ)

The Aquinian

Corben McLean has resigned from his position of Vice President Administration of  the St. Thomas University Students’ Union.

He announced his resignation at tonight’s regular meeting of the students’ union.  The move came as a surprise to many of the representatives on the union.

McLean will continue to perform the duties of his office until a suitable replacement is found.

The VP Administration is responsible for overseeing the annual operating budget and financial affairs of the union, and is in charge of many staff members the union hires.

Look for a full report in the next edition of The Aquinian.

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  • JMill

    From what I have seen of the union It looks like they and students will be better off without him.

    He seemed power hungry and it looked like he was there for his own personal gain and not for the good of students. He always came across as wanting to play politics and do any real work.

    Good riddens and good luck to the people who have deal with the fall out from this.

    Oh and by the way AQ I hope you don’t waste too much space covering this guy leaving. Lets hear about the election, I assume there will be one, and getting someone worth while in there!

  • SUfan

    Have you ever talked to Corben McLean? He may have a cold exterior sometimes but I'm pretty sure the guy eats, sleeps, and breathes the Students' Union. The guy rewrote a constitution last year and enjoyed doing it. And if you ask him for help with anything Student related he's very willing to help any student with problems or help any club and society get up and running.

    He takes his job seriously, but who wouldn't when they are in charge of students' money and trying to run an incorporated business? I think I'd be more concerned if our financial guy didn't care where the money went or how we spent it!

    And besides, if he was power hungry and wanting to play politics why would he resign? Maybe you should talk to him and ask him what he's worked on for students. You might be surprised. And if you're that unhappy with him; you should run in the election. I look forward to seeing somebody follow up in his shoes.

  • ACharlton

    It is not quite fair to judge someone based on how they “seem.” Yes, the union has its faults. It always has and it probably always will. Most governing bodies do. Corben has chosen to resign from that body. Without understanding or even knowing his reasons for resigning, I don’t think we can pass judgement. He has done his job, and since we weren’t willing to step up, fill the position, juggle the responsibilities it brings AND be a student, we’re not in the place to criticize someone for how they “seemed” or “looked.” Let’s wait and see how this pans out.

  • Oz75

    I agree with ACharlton, you can’t just base what someone does on how they “seem”. And as SUfan said, it’s true. Take it from someone who knows the boy well. (And no I don’t mean his girlfriend). He ate, slept and breathed the union the entire time he was involved. It was his life. Not to mention the AQ article above doesn’t even mention his reasonings as to why he resigned, for all you know it COULD very well be personal issues. I do know though that he is not power hungry, far from. and that he did a lot of real work and wasn’t just playing politics. So maybe take away from the quote “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, he may seem cold-hearted and uncaring, but get to know him and you know he’s the complete opposite.

  • JMill

    Well thanks for the attacks everyone.

    But I am allowed to hold my own option of the guy. I respect that some of you see the guy in a different way, but thats how I see him.

    Since the union operates in somewhat of a democracy and since he chose to be in the public eye I can judge his time in office as I see fit. If we don't criticize and don't voice our opinions then we fail democracy. Running in an election is not the only form of political action.

    Also his reasons to resign are his own, wheather personal, school related or problems within the union. Those reasons are not the business of the student body. If we get into that then we just get into gossip. That will serve no one.

    What's done is done. Now lets move on, have a well run election and hope that we have a good group of candidates run.

  • SU_Alumni

    JMILL, youre not wrong. I posted something earlier but got taken away. I guess there were too many swear words, but just to make the story short. i worked with mclean in the union a couple of years ago and he was an obnoxious power and attention hungry guy and probably left this time because we wasnt getting away with whatever he wanted to be done. i know the guy, maybe not as well as his close friends but well enough to say that he is not a people's person and probably just did this to boost his popularity or something like that. hopefully this post is not taken out. the union is way better off without him.

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