STUSU Briefs: March 22, 2018

(Design: Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

Hiring for Union employees

St. Thomas University Students’ Union expects to begin advertising externally for vacant employee positions next week. Current employees are being asked first if they want to continue their position, switch positions or if they are not returning next year.

CASA conference

The annual general meeting for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations was held in Fredericton March 20 to 22. Vice-president education Brianna Workman said the conference was productive, as they passed new policies and amendments, making updates and changes to operating procedures. Incoming vice-president education Emma Walsh attended the conference and shadowed Workman to prepare for next year.

Hiring for NBSA director

The interview process for the hiring of the new New Brunswick Student Alliance executive director has begun. The position is expected to be filled by the end of next week.

Sexual assault prevention committee

The last sexual assault prevention committee meeting for this academic year was held last week. The committee discussed plans for the future of the committee next year and their upcoming healthy relationship panel, taking place on Wednesday, March 28.

April 6th Day

Harrington Hall’s activities for this year’s April 6th day have been approved. Founder Jeff London, will be coming back to Harrington to give a speech for the opening ceremony, 30 years after he graduated from STU. 

Q&A executive elections

Sexuality and gender diversity representative Olivier Hébert said the Queer and Allied People’s Society is planning its elections for next year’s executive team. Many of the current executives who have held their positions for several years are not going to be on the executive next year, so interested candidates are encouraged to run.

Changes to Campus Trust

Vice-president administration Matt LeBlanc reported on a recent Campus Trust meeting, where usage of the health plan and potential changes were discussed. No decisions have been made, but usage of the plan has gone up, so it’s likely changes will be made for the coming year. This year is expected to end on a deficit. The money to cover it will come out of what LeBlanc called STUSU’s “healthy reserves.”

Long Night Against Procrastination

The Long Night Against Procrastination saw a quarter of the student body attend, the highest amount the event has seen in its three years at STU. Popular activities like the therapy dog room, the de-stress station and the midnight poutine feast gave students a chance to take a break and relax, while quiet study areas provided the opportunity to get work done.