STUSU briefs – Jan 20th

    Clubs and Societies fair
    There will be a winter Clubs and Societies fair in James Dunn Hall on Jan. 29 from 10 to 2. All clubs and societies are invited to attend, please contact Fin Mackay-Boyce to sign up for a table or for more information. Student Services will be partnering with the students’ union for the fair. $250 was allocated from the Clubs and Societies line to pay for table prizes and booths at the fair. Student Services paid for prizes last semester. There is $5,077 remaining in the line.

    Money to charities
    STUSU donated $339 from the charitable assistance line to Relay for Life. Council discussed donating more but decided not to after Emily Sheen suggested a STUSU team for the relay or a donation of manpower to help out. STUSU donated $150 from the charitable assistance line to the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. The request was made before Christmas, but did not make it to the finance committee in time. There is $500 left in the charitable assistance line of the budget.

    No precedent for $800
    The STUSU gave $200 from the academic assistance line to former communications co-ordinator Meryn Steeves. Steeves is on an exchange to Sweden this semester. She requested $500 towards the cost of her exchange after she resigned from her position in December. John Hoben reminded council Steeves had received academic assistance during the summer for an internship. Emily Sheen expressed discomfort at setting a precedent of $800 for one student. Council agreed that that much money to one person was a bad idea and capped the amount of academic assistance per student per year at $500.

    Online Voting Report released
    Chief returning officer Justin Creamer presented a report from the online voting committee struck in the fall. The committee found online voting would likely be a good way to increase voter turnout. They also investigated the cost of online voting and presented the proposal of Simply Voting to council. Creamer said online voting was found to be more cost effective than the current system of polling stations and poll clerks. The proposal from Simply Voting estimates savings of at least $500 to the STUSU. Council approved a motion to use the unlimited voting plan offered by the Quebec based company in the spring general election. They also voted to vote on several by-law changes to bring the by-laws in line with the online voting act at the Jan. 31 meeting.

    Proposal for Hoben’s impeachment unsupported
    Elizabeth Strange tried to move for President John Hoben to be impeached on the grounds that he had violated the mission statement of the STUSU, in how he had put the changes forward. Although several people on council have echoed Strange’s sentiments regarding Hoben’s manner in presenting the changes, no one supported the suggested impeachment.


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