STU meme pages on the rise

From oddly frequent posts about hating Great Books majors to pictures of a Ken Doll dropping trou in front of the infamous granite ball on St. Thomas University’s upper campus, student-run meme pages are keeping students connected one post at a time. 

Instagram accounts such as @stumememepage and @ratatelle have continued to be enjoyed by students. But there are new accounts that have also been appearing such as @stubarbieadventures and @stukenadventures. 

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Ratatelle is the most followed STU meme page with 673 followers, followed by @stumemepage with 491 followers. Stumemepage, one of the more active STU meme accounts, is a favourite amongst students, as expressed by first-year student Traycia Lauren. 

“There is a lot of content shown on [stumemepage] of memes from past years, so you can laugh along in the present with things that happened in the past,” said Lauren

While connecting students to past STU humour, it also reconciles pop culture with campus culture. New additions to the STU meme page roster include @stubarbieadventures and @stukenadventures, which follow Ken and Barbie making appearances around campus in light of the recent Barbie movie. 

Bethany Barbera, a first-year St Thomas Student says that the @stukenadventures gives a more original sense of humour compared to other STU meme pages. 

“He is peeing on the pee ball, and I think it’s so funny,” she said.

Aside from making students laugh, these social media accounts have also been a way to help students stay more connected with one another. 

“I think it’s a way for students to connect socially, because it is a big part of the way we live as students,” Lauren said. “It makes it more relatable”

Another account that has been gaining popularity is the @stuconfessions Instagram page, where students can send in anonymous confessions about campus life.

Vanessa Thompson, a first-year student, says it’s a great way to stay connected with her peers and is a great source of entertainment.

“I love looking at it and knowing about things that happen where I live. I would say I look at it on the daily,” she said. “I love trying to figure out who [the confession] is about.”

Thompson also expresses how the use of social media accounts is a good way for students to bond together and form new relationships.

“I think it’s a good way to start a conversation and to bond over the drama. It also feels like you’re kept in the loop with everything going on.”