STU Food Bank Requesting Grains, Protein

    (William Cumming\The Aquinian)
    (William Cumming\The Aquinian)
    (William Cumming\The Aquinian)

    The STU food bank is asking for donations of protein and grains following a demanding season.
    “We appreciate any donations of course, but right now we really need proteins and such. Even if it’s just a can of beans, it helps,” said Brianna Matchett, vice president of the STUSU.
    Matchett explained the food bank is going through some changes, thanks to the founding of a steering committee, which is comprised of members of the campus ministry, the student union and two UNB students.
    “This past week, half of the group has done an inventory of what the food bank has…so we can track what things we go through a lot of.”
    Vivien Zelazny, STU’s interim campus minister, said certain foods are in very high demand, such as rice and cereals, as well as canned fruit.
    Zelazny helped found the steering committee following the departure of previous campus minister Janice Harvey.
    “There were a couple of weeks when Janice left and I arrived when there was nobody to keep watch over the food bank. So for that reason, the shelves got a little bare. But since then, there haven’t been any major issues”
    Zelazny added part of the reason they’re in need is because the post-holiday season is when the number of food bank users rises.
    “Charities go through a bit of a lean time following Christmas.”
    Matchett said members of the student union are working to make the donation boxes more noticeable as well as adding new ones in an effort to increase visibility and donation rates.
    “We’re just trying to raise the profile of the food bank a little bit,” said Zelazny
    Zelazny said the committee is also working on a long-term inventory system, so they have a better method of tracking what is needed and what goes quickly.
    “We’d love to see more donations of course, but for now we are keeping food on the shelves.”


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