STU averages B+ in Globe and Mail university rankings

    Globe and Mail’s 2012 STU Rankings

    Class size ——————————– A+
    Campus atmosphere —————— A
    Building and facilities —————– A-
    Libraries ——————————– A-
    Most satisfied students ————— A-
    Student-faculty interactions ———A-
    Quality of teaching and learning—–A-
    City satisfaction ———————– B+
    Information technology ————–B+
    Instructors’ teaching style ———– B+
    Work-play balance ——————- B+
    Academic counselling ————— B
    Recreation and athletics ————- B
    Reputation with employers ——— B
    Career preparation ——————- B-
    Course registration —————— B-
    Research opportunities ————– B-
    Student residences ——————- B-
    Environmental commitment ——- C+