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Stereo Airing will be at the Cellar on Feb. 20. (Courtesy: Stereo Airing)
Stereo Airing will be at the Cellar on Feb. 20. (Courtesy: Stereo Airing)

With experimental music on the rise, more traditional acts seem to be falling to the wayside, but one local band is finding success by using a classic formula.

The guys in Stereo Airing have fused together technical guitar work, thrashing drums and four part harmonies for their debut EP 22.

Their CD hasn’t been released yet, but the guys have already had their single “Feel This Good” playing in full rotation on The Fox for the past few weeks.

While this move could be seen as selling out, drummer Adam Guidry said they’ve found it nothing short of helpful.

“I think it definitely could open up doors, I mean for just a lot of people hearing it that usually wouldn’t hear it. As long as we do it for the right reasons, we’re not really selling out.”

The whole band agreed they have a unique sound that could appeal to a wider audience. With catchy guitar riffs, clean vocals and a steady thumping beat, it’s easy to see why they’re getting lots of airplay.

Having crafted radio friendly songs that may even get your parent’s heads bobbing, Chris MacLean said this approach to song writing may be the key to standing out from the crowd.

“Our songs weren’t written especially for radio or anything like that. It’s still different,” he said. “I always hope every now and then there’s something new that comes on the radio that’s different but still good. Like take The Killers for example. It was different, but not different, but it was awesome still. We’re hoping that we’re going to be like that.”

These guys got together in January 2008 after MacLean’s former band On Vinyl disbanded.

After work began on their EP began a few months ago, they added another member to the group, guitarist Patrick Hickey. The guys found the recording process to be very tedious, but are very happy with the quality of their recordings.

Guidry spent almost 12 consecutive hours laying down drums tracks and Brian Carr spent about the same working on the bass lines. Then MacLean came in and threw down a plethora of guitar tracks, which the guys jokingly called his guitar ‘symphony.’

Now, after spending close to three months in post-production, the guys are gearing up for the release of the album and then they hope to take it on the road.

They’ve already been applying to summer music festivals across the country in hopes of exposing more people to their stuff. Since MacLean did a lot of touring with his former band outside of the province, he plans to use the connections from that to garner some gigs in Ontario and Quebec.

But before that happens, they will be playing some gigs a little closer to home. On Feb. 20 the guys will be hitting the stage at The Cellar Pub on the University of New Brunswick campus with local favourites, She Roars. Cover will be $6 and the bands will be hitting the stage around 11 pm.

They will also be having a CD release party at the capital on April 3, and will have Hungry Hearts and Tim Walker of Grand Theft Bus opening for them. To find out more on the guys in Stereo Airing, you can visit their Myspace page at www.myspace.com/stereoairingmusic.