Should we be afraid of Iran? No

There has been a great deal of concern in the news about whether Iran is a threat or not. The nuclear program in Iran is close to levels that would allow it to create nuclear weapons. I am here to dispel myth and give you reasons why you should not be afraid of Iran.

Iran is an Islamic republic in the Middle East who has a moderately modernized military, a space program, and surplus in its budget from their oil exports. Iran is dominated by the Shi’a rather than most of the Middle East that is Sunni, which means that Iran’s neighbours are not very accommodating to it. The United States and many western nations see Iran as a threat due to the success of their nuclear program.

Iran claims that this nuclear program is for medical and energy purposes. The West is frightened by the increased efficiency of the nuclear program in Iran.

Iran has never invaded another country.

It has supported armed factions in other countries and sent some of its special forces into the Syrian civil war, but so has the U.S. and countless other western countries. If there should be no reason for anyone to be afraid of Iran, why does the media and the U.S. continue to bring up the subject?

The explanation is quite simple; the U.S. dislikes the tone Iran has taken since 1979. In 1979 the Shah of Iran, a dictator put in power by the U.S. and the United Kingdom decades before, was overthrown. In an instant the U.S. lost another ally in the Middle East and a source of cheap oil. The U.S. then covertly supported Iraq, since Saddam was an American-supported dictator, with weapons and funds to combat Iran in a terrible war that saw wide-scale use of chemical weapons.

After this the U.S., with their partner Israel, have continually used whatever means necessary to harm Iran. When Iran was furthering its development of uranium enrichment in the beginning of 2012, lead scientists were killed by car bombs. According to Aljazeera, a Sunni funded news organization, Iran claimed Israel was behind the attacks.

Most recently, the European Union and the Americans have placed embargoes and sanctions, which is tightening the pockets of ordinary Iranians. It seems that the U.S. and their allies are bullying a country simply because it wants to sustain its country with nuclear power.

The time has come once again for the United Nations General Assembly meeting. The new president of Iran is asking for talks with the U.S. about Iran’s nuclear program. This does not seem like the violent, evil, hate-mongering autocrat that the U.S. claims he is.

Hopefully the dialogue will come with an agreement that allows both sides to calm down, respect one another and become allies against instability in the region. Or they can go back to what they do best: hating each other.

The main thing to remember is Iran will never fire an attack on the West.