Photo Essay: The place that we call home

(Submitted: Arisa Kawashima)

With the celebration of the Multicultural Fair on March 26, where international students at St. Thomas University share their cultures through performance, fashion and traditional food, many are reflecting on their home countries.

The Aquinian’s social media and advertising editor, Estefania Martinez, compiled stories and photographs from several students with their memories from home.

(Submitted: Daniel Salas)

“The things that I remember the most from my country are very simple. I remember the calmness of the beaches and the sunset,” wrote Daniel Salas, a second-year student from Ecuador.

“The warm climate, the sound of the sea, the fishermen and all the good memories with my friends.”

(Submitted: Isabella Baralt)

“This is the beach where I used to go every Sunday with my family and friends,” wrote Isabella Baralt, a second-year student from Venezuela.

“Here is where I learned to swim and where I made my first sand castles. Probably my happiest memories were made here.” 

(Estefania Martinez/AQ)

“This is a small view of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the place where I grew up,” wrote Estefania Martinez, a second-year student from Honduras.

“Now and then, when I feel homesick, I go back to this picture and remember the warm climate, memories I have shared with my family, friends and the traditional food.”

(Submitted: Arisa Kawashima)

“Hakone is one of the amazing spots to visit in Japan; the place is full of nature, good traditional Japanese food and sites like shrines, museums and hot-springs,” wrote Arisa Kawashima, an exchange student from Japan.

“The picture shows the lake Ashino with the Torii gate of Hakone Shrine and [Mount.] Fuji behind it. The view from this angle is magnificent and gives a calming moment.”

(Submitted: Elize Davila)

“This is the view of the mountain and the forest from my street. I would look at the leaves swaying in the breeze while spending time with family and neighbours outside on the benches,” wrote Elize Davila, a second-year student from Trinidad and Tobago.

“The lush bush calls your attention, draws you in and holds your interest in the different shapes and colours — a bit like how the Trinbagonian people and culture pull me in — and I miss it.”

(Submitted: Boluwatise Oduntan)

“This photo shows a resort/residential area in Lagos,” wrote Boluwatise Oduntan, a first-year student from Nigeria.

“One thing I miss most about home is serenity and the weather — being able to stand on the balcony and watch the lakes and take walks.”