Photo Essay: STU Jazz Ensemble swings at end-of-semester concert

Stills before the beginning of the STU jazz event, this past Wednesday, NOV. 30th, 2020. hosted at the Kinsella Auditorium at St. Thomas University. (Daniel Salas/AQ)

The St. Thomas University Jazz Ensemble held its end-of-semester on Nov. 30 in Kinsella Auditorium at Margaret Norrie McCain Hall.

Band members, including vocalist Olivia LaPointe, entertained audiences with the classic big band and modern jazz, Latin rhythms and even a few Christmas favourites.

The Aquinian’s photo editor, Daniel Salas, stopped by.

Introduction Speech and thanks to St. Thomas University, by the band conductor Don Bossé. (Daniel Salas/AQ)
Beginning of the starting song of the night, “Birk’s Work” by Dizzy Gillespie. (Daniel Salas/AQ)
Tom Richards, performing his solo for “Shiny Stockings” on his tenor saxophone, accompanied by Ben Newling on the baritone saxophone. (Daniel Salas/AQ)
Craig Woodcock, performing his solo for “The Way You Look Tonight.” on his alto saxophone. (Daniel Salas/AQ)
Jorian Hapeman on piano, performing his solo for “Woodchoppers’ Ball.” (Daniel Salas/AQ)
Introduction of Olivia LaPointe, for her first vocal feature on “This Masquerade.” (Daniel Salas/AQ)
Standing ovation for the wind section of the band, guided by band director Don Bossé. (Daniel Salas/AQ)
A standing ovation for the band’s rhythm section, consisting of Jorian Hapeman, Jon Bailey, Evan Ferguson and Garry Hansen. (Daniel Salas/AQ)