‘An immature decision’: STU students react to no more COVID-19 restrictions

    A disposable face mask is attached to a person's arm in Fredericton, N.B. on Sunday, March 20 2022. (Aaron Sousa/AQ)

    New Brunswickers said goodbye to masks, social distancing, limited gatherings and isolation on March 14.

    Brooklyn Hachey, a first-year St. Thomas University student, said masks and isolation should be required. She also thinks isolation should last longer than five days.

    “It is honestly an immature decision,” said Hachey.

    Hachey will still follow the regulations that used to be in place to avoid passing the virus to people living in residence. She said the removal of restrictions isn’t well-timed since many students are coming back from the March reading week and travelling from all parts of Canada.

    “Many students are travelling for March break and [New Brunswick said] ‘let’s open the borders after that and get rid of masks,'” she said.

    Claudia Ruiz, another STU student, follows COVID-19 preventative measures due to her asthma. But now that restrictions are over, she will have to interact with unmasked people at her workplace in the Regent Mall.

    “For me, it really isn’t ideal and it’s not something I feel comfortable with,” said Ruiz. “I’m not really a big fan of the idea of not wearing masks because [my job is] always [in] close contact with people.”

    Ruiz said she wouldn’t be surprised to see a spike in cases as a direct consequence.

    Cole Gibbon, a first-year STU student working in customer service, shares a similar feeling. 

    “It’s weird and it says a lot about the way the government is treating this virus now, as any other kind of sickness,” he said.

    He said New Brunswick should have kept the mask requirement for indoor spaces

    “Personally, I would prefer that the mask stay on a little bit longer,” said Gibbon. “Everything else can be ditched.”

    The three students live in residence and Ruiz said she wants to keep other residents safe.

    “COVID isn’t over yet and I think people are starting to sometimes remember that,” said Ruiz.