N.B. aims to ‘strengthen cultural links’ with Louisiana

A new agreement will strengthen cultural, artistic and heritage links between New Brunswick and Louisiana. Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister Tammy Scott-Wallace (right) and Billy Nungesser, lieutenant governor of Louisiana, signed the agreement at a ceremony in Baton Rouge. (Submitted: Government of New Brunswick)

A new agreement unveiled by the provincial government earlier this month aims to strengthen the cultural, artistic and heritage links between New Brunswick and Louisiana.

Tammy Scott-Wallace, New Brunswick’s minister of tourism, heritage and culture, met with Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser in Baton Rouge, where they signed the agreement.

During the World Acadian Congress, held in New Brunswick in 2019, the two areas recognized a need to “facilitate and support the promotion of culture, heritage and tourism.” Scott-Wallace said the two areas have shared many historical, cultural and economic ties.

“Artists and cultural businesses are important to our communities and our economy in New Brunswick,” said Scott-Wallace. “Strengthening connections with Louisiana will create many opportunities that will benefit both regions.”

Nungesser noticed at the time that New Brunswick’s arts and culture scene was similar to Louisiana and said it was easy to recognize the value that it has on the economic growth of his state and New Brunswick.

“By strengthening our cultural connections, we can create opportunities for further economic growth between our two regions,” he said.

According to a news release issued by the province on Oct. 14, the agreement recognizes the value that artists, institutions, businesses and communities have on the economic well-being of New Brunswick and Louisiana.

It aims to promote cultural, artistic and heritage links; foster new partnerships and cross-border activities and identify professional development needs in both jurisdictions with educational institutions.

“We have a unique relationship as seen in the strong ties between the Acadian and Cajun communities,” said Scott-Wallace.

“This agreement will result in more opportunities for artists, performers, institutions and businesses in the creative field.”