Mike Evin stops in on East Coast tour


Canadian singer-songwriter Mike Evin is making a stop at The Grad House on campus this Thursday as part of his fall tour.


The artist is on a cross-Canada tour promoting his new album Life as a Lover, released this summer. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Evin now lives in Toronto. He describes his style as pop-piano.
“A lot of my recordings have more of an old school pop vibe. Old school like 70’s pop,” he said.
This is Evin’s first tour in a few years and he says its going well. He says Life As a Lover has continuous threads from his other albums, especially because it’s upbeat. There are slight differences, however.
“This album is more pop, more produced, and more polished than my other albums,” he said.
Evin said the benefits of playing in smaller venues play into his work, giving him a chance to really see if the songs work or not.
“If you’re playing in a smaller venue with a smaller audience, you get to really see the communication [with the audience] and how they receive it up close and its really good feedback.”
Evin’s show usually includes voice and piano but during this tour he’s joined by drummer Ian McKay. The musicians met playing together in a band a few years ago and after seeing each other around the music community in Toronto, they began working together a year and a half ago.
“I was looking to put together a piano and drums show with someone who was a good singer. We got together and did a show and it felt really good so we kept doing it and it’s been getting better and better.”
Mike’s source of support in his life is Andy Creeggan, who he’s playing with in Moncton, New Brunswick on the tour. The two met at McGill University in Montreal and since then Evin says Creeggan has been a mentor and friend.
“He’s one of the main musical influences in my life. He’s one of the first musicians I became really close friends with and I got to experience that mix of friendship and music.”
Evin says his Thursday set will have a little bit of everything from a drum solo to piano solo ballads. The artist says he really tries to communicate with the audience as much as possible while trying to play and sing well, and to really become enveloped in what he’s playing.
“It’s going to have some tender, emotional moments, it’s going to have some real fun moments, and it’s going to have some sing along. There is also going to be some moments of just honest musicality where we just try to be the best musicians we can be. I think a lot of people find it’s really entertaining, it’s really uplifting and inspiring.”