Do You Know Your Health Care Plan? 5 Things Your Student Plan Can Cover

    Students enjoy not being broke, and the student health care plan does a very good job of this. But there are many services the health plan covers and students today aren’t even aware of most of them. That’s why Andrea Guevara, a fourth-year international student at St. Thomas University, decided to do some research and see for herself what can be covered for her before her time at STU is over. Because most students are too busy studying, and I have nothing to do on a Friday afternoon, we sat down with Andrea and the Internet to find the hidden details behind the Campus Trust benefits.

    Dental Surgery
    Nobody likes having them, but on the off chance that you’ll need a root canal or any other oral surgery, student benefits cover these procedures by 80 per cent and offer up to $1,000 for any checkup. Accidental injuries to the teeth offer $2,000 at most, but injuries can’t be self-inflicted or pre-existing (so maybe trying to eat that brick on a dare from your roommate isn’t the best idea).

    Student benefits offer up to $350 with $50 per session, but it isn’t just limited to things like physiotherapists. Acupuncture, chiropractors and massage therapists are all covered under the plan, as well as lesser sought-after doctors like dietitians, podiatrists and speech therapists. It’s no spa date, but everyone deserves a good back massage now and then.

    Eye Care
    After having my glasses break in a freak snowball accident in first year, I know how important it is to have coverage. Luckily for us, student benefits offer up to $150 every two years for new glasses, lens repair and contacts, plus another $90 within those same two years for eye exams. It’s information worth remembering before getting a roll of scotch tape for your glasses (as you can tell, I was full of great decisions first year).

    Not many people worry about the price of a crutch, but when your leg is broken and you need to get around, the cost starts to feel weighty. Luckily, the student plan offers up to $3,000 per student year and is eligible for anything from walking equipment and respirators ($250 to $1,500 per year) to body braces and diabetic equipment ($150 to $1,000 per year). Now the only thing you have to worry about is getting across the courtyard.

    Medical Travel
    In the case that you’re hurt while travelling outside the province or country, student benefits can offer up to 5-million dollars per incident. Up to 90 days per trip are covered for an unlimited amount of trips and only expire once a student reaches 65 years of age. Coverage lasts up to a full year if the travel is needed to complete your course of study, so while nobody wants to spend their semester abroad in a hospital, you won’t have to learn to say “I have no money” in Italian.