Higgins heading for SHU

    By Jamie Ross

    Outgoing STU president Michael Higgins is set to join Sacred Heart University early in the new year.

    Higgins will act as an advisor to Sacred Heart president Anthony J. Cernera, assisting with program management.

    Cenera calls Higgins “a scholar who will bring to this position extensive experience as both a teacher and a college administrator, and he shares Sacred Heart’s embrace of the Catholic intellectual tradition,” and said he would remain at the school until June 30.

    He will also teach and help out with a book being written at the 6,000-student university. Higgins, who received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the school in 2008, will step into the role Jan. 4. Sacred Heart is a Cathlotic University in Connecticut.

    St. Thomas University Students’ Union President Mark Henick said Higgins has expressed concerns that his role as a university president has kept him from focusing on his academic pursuits.

    “He won’t have the same administrative burden that he does here,” said Henick.

    The announcement comes as St. Thomas prepares to name an interim president to oversee Higgins’ duties until a permanent replacement can be found.

    The decision is expected to be made by the end of this month.

    Higgins announced his resignation from STU as president and vice-chancellor in August after three years on the job. The university expects to have a new president by 2011.