Have you heard the legend of Fredericton’s one-legged stripper?

The North Star Sports Bar, Fredericton’s only strip club, closed its doors over the summer. (Tom Bateman/AQ file photo)

I first heard of her in my first year of university. I can’t remember when, though I am certain it was one of those nights when in the midst of cigarette smoke, screeching guitars and cheap beer, an older student decided to pass down her legend.

Some say she has a missing a leg, others argue it’s an arm and a couple of teeth. And a few brave ones claim she has a vibrator built into the missing limb and in the middle of her dance routine she detaches it to extend her reach into the crowd.

The one-legged stripper has many names and ages, but everyone’s friend has met her.

Now, even the place where her myth was born has become legend itself. The North Star Sports Bar, Fredericton’s only strip club, was bought by the city for half-a-million dollars this summer. But before the infamous club shut its doors, I was able to learn a little more of the foggy tale surrounding Fredericton’s most famous stripper.

It was one of those cold, winter nights in my third year that I heard of her again. Long after dark, my roommates came home, raving about their night and singing in drunken stupor. With the sound of techno music and roughly treated kitchen supplies ringing in my ears, I got up to hear the tale of a man who had received a lap dance from the infamous lady.

“She is retired now but he said she was some three hundred pounds heavy and snorting cocaine,” they said.

While I mused on my roommate’s naiveté, I felt intrigued by the story. The problem with urban legends, however, is once you start asking, nobody remembers the original tale – or teller.

There was only one way to find out.


For the full story, see the September 14th edition of The Aquinian. The full story is also available here