Halifax band is disco punk

Like a Motorcycle will be joining The Pack A.D. this weekend (Submitted)
Like a Motorcycle will be joining The Pack A.D. this weekend (Submitted)
Like a Motorcycle will be joining The Pack A.D. this weekend (Submitted)

Like a Motorcycle knows how to party.

Recently, the Halifax disco punk trio was invited to wail out on The Candy show, a Nova Scotia talk show devoted to indulging in Canada’s best talent. The all female punk band grabbed the audience’s attention with their raw, angst-ridden energy which gyrated through howling guitars, frenzied drums and a catchy melody. The short song came to end, but the band kept onlookers captivated as they smashed all hell out of their instruments.

“I think we pissed of the host a little bit because Kim and Jillian [the bassist and guitarist] didn’t tell anyone, they just did it,” said drummer Michelle Skelding. “We don’t care, not that we don’t care about the music, but we just do it because we just want to rock the fuck out.”

This kind of hard-as-fuck, do-it-yourself attitude doesn’t check itself when the girls walk into a studio. For their latest EP Stay Single, which drops at the end of this month, the creative process was simple: chug a few beers, suck on some cigarettes and let the sweaty tunes submerge.

“The studio is the most exciting part because we actually get to lay down the tracks, listen back, hear them and mix them, and just have them sound exactly how we want them to,” said Skelding.

If the four track recording is anything like their previous stuff then it’s guaranteed to be grungy, quick and super short—like you could jump around to the whole thing without wheezing from lack of breath.

Since the band’s formation in 2011, Like a Motorcycle has been crafting a sound and reputation which has been hiking up a buzz around Halifax. Last October, they shared a showcase with garage rock duo The Pack A.D. at the Halifax Pop Explosion festival.

The Pack A.D. is on their North American “Do Not Engage” tour and will be making a few stops along the Maritimes. The duo has asked Like a Motorcycle to tag along for their East Coast stops.

“We’re really big fans of theirs so we’re super excited,” said Skelding. “We just really wanted to play with them and I think they finally caved.”

One of those tour stops will include the Capital Complex.

“They sincerely rock and are fun to watch perform. They’ll bring a positive rocking vibe. They are true to their art. There’s no half-way with them, they are full on,” said Jonas Colter, who is planning on attending the show.

This will be the trio’s second time playing in Fredericton and they’re eager to be creating some buzz outside of their usual province.

“When we went on our first tour we did some shows in Moncton and Saint John, but I think Fredericton was actually our best show. Plus we’re excited to play at the Capital because it’s like the spot to play in Fredericton,” said Skelding.

With The Pack A.D. and Like a Motorcycle, the Capital is going to be oozing with some serious female talent— just don’t tell them that.

“We’re a band, our gender shouldn’t matter,” said Skelding. “We’re just proof that we can rock out just as hard as men so why even throw ‘girl’ in front of everything?”

The Pack A.D. and Like a Motorcycle will play the Capital on Mar. 28. Doors open at 9:30 p.m.


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