Grad brings digital marketing business to N.B.

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    A St. Thomas University graduate is expanding his digital marketing business to New Brunswick.

    Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo’s business, Centrico Digital, is located in Quito, Ecuador. They offer social media management, graphic design, website design and more.

    Carpenter-Arevalo came to STU in 1999 as an international student from Latin America and graduated in 2003 with a major in English and Spanish literature. Now he wants to bring his business to N.B.

    “My long-term goal is to create a bridge between New Brunswick and Latin America because it’s a bridge I’ve crossed and it’s been very beneficial for me,” he said.

    In Ecuador, his business only allows 12 clients at a time, and he hopes to operate the same way in N.B. He thinks most of the clientele will come from outside the province and he’s mainly planning on hiring liberal arts-minded people.

    He said he doesn’t want to grow the business too fast and is still unsure where Centrico Digital’s New Brunswick office will be.

    In the short term, Carpenter-Arevalo wants to hire someone in the province and find a few clients to work with.

    “I look for people who can think very strongly about problems and can be very creative in finding solutions,” he said.

    In addition to running his own business, Carpenter-Arevalo has also attended Oxford and worked for Twitter and Google.

    He said many of the entrepreneurs in N.B. come from Latin America and decided to settle in the province. He wants New Brunswickers to do the same but in Latin America.

    “I would like to help other people cross that bridge, whether it be culturally, or through business or even through travel,” he said

    Carpenter-Arevalo wants New Brunswickers to see the global opportunities that are available to them. He said many are scared to venture out of the province and discover their true potential.

    “We are doing a disservice to ourselves by letting our fears limit what we can do.”