Food Review: Stuft Burger Bar and Poutinerie

(William Cumming/AQ)

Last month, if you had asked me what I would want for my last meal, I probably would’ve told you about a Thai restaurant in my hometown that makes the best pad thai I’ve ever had. I used to think about it all the time and look forward to going home to that dish more than my family (sorry, Mom).

My opinion changed when my roommates and I took a trip to Stuft Burger Bar and Poutinerie.
Located in the bar of the City Motel on the corner of Prospect and Regent, Stuft is open from 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. everyday, making it a great choice for supper.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Stuft is the staff.  When they see you walk in the door they greet you with a big smile and you know they are genuinely happy to have you in their restaurant. Stuft is a small business that serves gourmet food so the staff understands how important the customer is to success.

They’ll seat you right away (unless they are in the weekend rush in which case they will make sure you are comfortable while you wait) and get you a drink to sip while you order.
The menu is about as varied as could be, with burgers like the Mushroom Mozzarella, Peanut Butter Siracha and, my personal favourite, the Stuft Signature: applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion frites, cheddar and a sweet BBQ sauce.

If one of their pre-made combos doesn’t call to you, then you can build your own with a long list of ingredients to choose from. And if one patty isn’t enough to fill you up, you can make your burger Stuft-sized. Meals start at around $15 with endless options for add-ons and upgrades.

If burgers aren’t your thing, the poutine section of the menu may have what you are looking for. From the traditional curds and gravy over deliciously crisp fries, to Thai chicken bites, Stuft’s poutine selection is just as varied as their burgers. And just like the burgers you can build your own and Stuft-size it if you want full control.

But perhaps the best part about eating at Stuft is how everyone, including the people I sat next to, finishes their meal, leans back in their chair, rubs their stomach and says, “That was so good, I’m stuffed,” and then promptly laughs because they said the name of the restaurant.

Just kidding, the actual best part about eating at Stuft is the warm feeling you get from supporting a small local business, and how the staff makes you feel like part of the team. Everyone who walks into that bar walks out with a new family.

I’ll close my review with a quote from a City Motel employee whom I told I was writing this review:

“Oh man, I eat there three times a week. You better say good things about them!”