Finding peace beyond the grave

Psychic medium Shianne Doucette said her abilities brought her peace and a deeper connection to her soul (Submitted/Shianne Doucette)

Fredericton psychic Shianne Doucette said her first paranormal experience was when she was six or seven. She recalled looking over at the chair next to her bed and noticed her book, Alice in Wonderland, when the energy in the room changed and a woman appeared.

Doucette said a feeling of light, wonder and coziness emitted from the book and she wondered what the woman was doing in her room. Then, the woman picked up the book and began to read.

When Doucette told her mother about the woman reading Alice in Wonderland, her mother was convinced her daughter had a fever. Seeing her mother’s concern, Doucette brushed off her strange experiences as her eyes playing tricks on her.

“There were some things that I pushed down when I was a little girl,” she said.

“I would see things and adults would say it’s an imaginary friend.”

It wasn’t until 2008 when Doucette’s curiosity grew and she started doing an Indian spiritual healing technique that uses spiritually-guided life force energy. In 2010, she started doing readings from her home in Fredericton.

At first, she questioned how she could do this, but the further she dove into it, the more she began to trust herself.

“When you start to experience it and you really open up to your own energy, and other people’s energy … it takes away all those blocks and you start to trust it,” Doucette said.

When Doucette first began her readings, a family who lost a baby reached out to her. She agreed to see them but felt stressed out in the days leading up to their appointment. She kept thinking to herself, Who do you think you are to do this?

“Before that reading, I kept seeing rainbows everywhere and I could feel this energy with me,” she said.

“I kept telling myself, ‘Okay, this is a sign [that] it’s going to be okay.'”

When it was time to do the reading, Doucette said the baby’s energy was so powerful she found it hard to explain what the power felt like. She saw images of giraffes on the intensive care unit wall where the baby passed. The couple was moved to tears. By the end of the session, she said the parents found a new sense of calm knowing their child was at peace.

The family gave Doucette permission to share their story.

Doucette said most of her clients leave felling that way.

Still, not all of the energy Doucette encounters is positive.

While she was meditating one day, Doucette said she felt a hostile energy coming from a living person in the area. She said the man’s energy was a blue electric light and the anger began to affect her.

“I felt so angry,” said Doucette.

“His emotions were like, ‘I want to burn this house down.'”

Doucette said she resolved the issue by learning how to centre her energy.

She said she plans to continue with her readings for as long as she can, and she feels grateful for what she does.

”It’s brought me peace. It’s brought me a deeper connection to my soul.”