Celebrate Halloween with “Bump and Grindhouse”

Young Satan in Love (above) will be in charge of The Capital Complex’s Halloween festivities with their event “Bump and Grindhouse”. (Submitted by Young Satan in Love)

Some would say university students are too old to go door-to-door asking for candy, but no one is too old for a good Halloween party.

Fredericton’s zany art-pop collective Young Satan In Love will be hosting an event they call Bump and Grindhouse to celebrate the season. Keyboardist Angus Fletcher said it will be everything you could want to experience on Halloween.

“It’s like going to any other Halloween party except you will have many of the finest bands playing in Fredericton [in] full costumes. It’s going to be buck wild [and] it will definitely be unforgettable.”

Along with their performance, the group will be releasing their third full-length record Dancing with a Goblin that night, a record Fletcher said is the most reflective of their live sound.

“We tried this time to make something that mirrors our live sound as much as possible … We have created a lot of records, but very rarely have we been able to get something that sounds like a live show does, and I think that this record has been the most successful of getting that across.”

Fletcher said the Halloween release date is not a coincidence and the band will incorporate the Halloween theme into their already theatrical set.

“It will be a spectacle for sure.”

He added there will be spontaneous moments that even members of the band will not expect.

“I rarely even know what’s going on going into a show. Chances are I’ll be surprised at a lot of the things [that will] happen.”

The group will play their set in the Capital’s Wilser’s Room along with American psych act Guiding Light Ministries, chaotic rockers Construction Destruction and Fredericton locals Snorklers.

The bonanza will include a full line-up downstairs in the venue’s main bar.

Fredericton art-rockers Motherhood will kick off their latest tour through Canada and the United States by headlining a loud stage of acts including Halifax noise-rock outfit Botfly and Montreal alt-rock bands LAPS and BBQT.

“It’s always good to see friends we haven’t seen and played with in a while,” said Fletcher.

The cover for the eight-act line-up is $10. Doors open at 8 p.m. on Oct. 31.