Campus Pharmacy administers hundreds of new COVID-19 vaccines in three days

    Still of the the event held at the bookstore for the University of New Brunswick. For COVID Vaccination, Flu shots, STI Testing. held this past Friday October 20th, 2023. (Daniel Salas/AQ)

    Starting Oct. 16, people six-months or older in New Brunswick were able to get an updated COVID-19 vaccination designed to target the Omnicron subvariant.

    Ayub Chishti, pharmacist at the University of New Brunswick Campus Pharmacy, said he has been busy administering the vaccine to hundreds of people in the first three days. 

    “I would say at least over 500 [people] … [I’d] say 60 to 70 per cent of them would be the student population,” said Chishti.

    Marion Govednik, a student at St. Thomas University, said she got her flu shot and updated vaccine at the Campus Pharmacy on Oct. 16 to avoid getting sick during the semester.

    Govednik said that the pharmacy was busy and she liked the quick walk-in setup.

    “We prefer walk-ins because it’s a lot faster. When people book appointments, then they call back to cancel and it takes too much time,” said Chishti.

    People have also been able to book appointments for the vaccine since Oct. 6, according to the province, but Chishti says walk-ins are a better method for his pharmacy. 

    Many people have been getting their flu shot and updated vaccine at the same time, according to Chisthi. Jennifer Russell, the province’s chief medical officer, said in a press release that having both shots available at once makes it convenient. 

    Still of some of the volunteer nurses, that took charge of the injection applications and record keepings for the University of New Brunswick Pharmacy. (Daniel Salas/AQ)

    Govednik tries to get her flu shot each year as she believes vaccines are a way to take proper precautions as an international student. 

    “As an international student and living in dormitories, dorms are like a hub of sickness …. It’s just taking precautionary measures.”

    Chishti said he is optimistic about people taking care of their health.

    “COVID is on the rise again according to what we hear and obviously people do care about their health and others … I think it’s very, very nice that people take care of their health,” he said.

    Govednik believes in getting the vaccine for not only yourself, but others.

    “This isn’t me trying to push people to get it … But always think it’s better to be safe for yourself and for others and to protect others,” said Govednik.

    With files from Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri