By-election results

    President encourages voting despite lack of opposition (Cara Smith/AQ)

    Although the STUSU by-election is one of no contest, that doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t vote says the new Chief Returning Officer, Justin Creamer.

    “I feel that people should vote in the by-election because it’s their needs and concerns that these candidates are trying to address,” Creamer said.

    “Even though they’re running unopposed, it’s still an election,” STUSU president John Hoben expanded on that idea.

    “You have to say ‘do I think this person represents me and do I want them to be my representative,’” Hoben said. “If you don’t feel that way, you can vote no… We could have every candidate in the election lose on Monday.”

    If this is the case, Hoben says that there will be another election, in which the current candidates will be eligible to run again.

    The sole candidate for vice president student life, Elizabeth Murray, wasn’t happy to find out she’s the only one running.

    “I was a bit disappointed to find that I would be running for the position unopposed,” Murray said. “I had heard a lot of people expressing interest in the position, but it seems that none of those desires were followed through on.”
    Murray still urged students to vote.

    “It is important to make your opinion count in elections that have multiple candidates, and that fact does not go away in uncontested races. I encourage students to still make it out to the polling stations and vote whichever way their opinion tells them to.”

    Voting took place Monday and Tuesday. Results will be posted today.

    “A recurring theme that occurs throughout STUSU elections is that people choose not to vote because they either don’t know the candidates or they don’t know how to vote,” said Creamer.

    “[But] if you don’t vote in the elections, then you’re not voicing your concerns, which makes it difficult for the students’ union to be able to help provide for the students.”

    Voting turnout in previous elections has hovered slightly about 10 per cent. To address this concern, at the STUSU meeting last week, a committee to discuss the potential of online voting was formed with interim VPSL Henri Thibeau and off-campus representative James Rouse.

    Vice-President Student Life:
    Elizabeth Murray

    Aquinian Board Of Director’s 2nd Year Rep:
    Sam Laidman

    Aquinian Board Of Director’s 3rd Year Rep:
    Erika Hickey

    Aquinian Board Of Director’s 4th Year Rep:
    Justin Cook

    Aquinian Board Of Director’s Member-At-Large Rep:
    Kerstin Schlote