Brighten up the drab season—accessorize

You know what is so often overlooked in the winter fashion shuffle? Accessories! It’s a shame, really. If anything, the right accessories can make or break a look.

In a Fredericton winter, the primary objective is to keep warm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while keeping toasty.

When you buy a winter coat, it’s expected to last you for a few years (especially when the warmest ones can run upwards of $700). The only problem is you don’t want to be wearing the same look every year. That’s where accessories come in.

By changing up your headwear, scarves and mittens every year, you’re re-inventing your old look. It’s cost-friendly, too.

Some of the best winter accessories come from cheap-and-chic stores like H&M and Target. Around this time of year, big box stores start clearing out their winter merchandise and making way for springtime (as you may have noticed, retail seasons don’t operate like real seasons). Of course, this means five-dollar winter hats.

One fledgling trend this year is graphic beanies. Seen on fashion it-girls like Cara Delevingne, they usually have a cheeky slogan poking fun at the fashion world (think Homiés instead of Hermés). These are for true stylish girls who don’t mind having a sense of humour.

Interestingly, one of the biggest trends in winter headwear this season isn’t hats at all. The headband has made a comeback and it’s not just for the ski hills anymore. You’ve probably seen the turban-style topper on many a girl on campus, and for good reason too.

Headbands are like a hat without the commitment. They provide just enough warmth, but with minimal hair damage. What more could a girl want?

One item I frequently forget to put on in the cold is a scarf. With the cute scarves available this season, I’m forgetting a little less.

The infinity scarf is a stylish time saver. Gone are the days of endless wrapping! Though infinity scarves are in nearly every store this season, why not knit your own? With knitting, you’re in charge of the colour, length and thickness. Your scarf is 100 per cent you!

Infinity scarves aren’t just for the ladies either! Though the colours may differ, the styles stay the same. Look for interesting knitted or crocheted patterns to make your scarf stand out.

Mittens and gloves aren’t given much thought – they’re essentially there to serve a purpose. But maybe it’s time we put in a little effort.

Though a matching hat, scarf and mitten combo is always cute, there are other options out there. If you’ve got a real eye for colour, why not a try a contrasting combination? Colour blocking is always a cool way to show off your style – it’s time to translate the trend into winter.

Even though my fingers a crossed that winter will go away soon, I guess it’s not so bad if I’m decked out in a cute knitted headband.


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