Blood, Sweat and Tofu: Keep off that Christmas weight

Georgia Brown - Blood, Sweat and Tofu (Tom Bateman/AQ)

Christmas is coming and the goose isn’t the only one getting fat. I love the holidays, but I really don’t love the idea of both the turkey and my pants getting stuffed. I’d like to have one New Years resolution list that doesn’t include losing weight, wouldn’t you? So, in order to stay on track during the holidays this year, I’ve compiled a list of things to do that will help you stay healthy and motivated to stay fit during the Christmas break.

1. Don’t give up.

Just because you have a few weeks off from school, dorm life, papers and stress doesn’t mean you should abandon your healthy eating and exercise regiment. I know the idea of relaxing for two weeks and not doing any physical activity seems appealing, but you’ll be regretting it when you go back to school and have to start all over again at the gym.

2. Keep your portions in check.
I’m not crazy, and I will not even attempt to convince you to stay away from Christmas cookies, but you should be realistic. On a normal day, would you really eat an entire plate of brownies? No? Then don’t do it at family gatherings. When you sit down for the turkey meal, don’t overload your plate with food. Stick to your normal sized portions, that way you can go back for seconds and you won’t feel completely stuffed after the meal.

3. Maintain your healthy lifestyle.

If you do want to over indulge (and there’s nothing wrong with that) then keep your workouts and eating habits the same as though you were in school. If you go for a workout in the morning and eat super healthy all day, it won’t be as hard on your body to process all the extra sugar when you indulge at night.

4. Have fun with your workouts
I know the idea of going to the gym during your Christmas break seems horrendous, so instead of leaving the family to go run on a treadmill, convince your relatives to go outside with you and have a snowball fight. Make a snowman with your cousins, go for a walk outside in the snow or play Wii or Kinect at home. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have fun, that way you’ll be more motivated to break a sweat during the holidays.

5. Drink plenty of water.

I may sound like a broken record with this tip, but that’s because it’s the best health and weight loss tip out there. With all the sugar and butter and alcohol you’ll be consuming, you want to keep your body hydrated in order to help flush out those toxins. Plus, a big glass of water before a big meal may help you eat a little bit less, so you won’t end up blowing your healthy eating plan.

6. Load up on veggies.

When you’re looking at your plate, divide it in two. One half should be veggies. If you eat your greens first, you’ll notice you’ll start to fill up faster, which means less room for the fifth cookie later on that night.

7. Stay Positive.
I know I’m badgering you to watch what you eat and keep working out, but if you don’t, at least stay positive. It’s okay if all you want to do is sit on the couch for two weeks, that’s what the new year is for, to help get you back on track. Allow yourself to unwind and relax, but promise yourself that you’ll get right back to it when school starts up again.
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