Bilingualism: the Insider’s Club (part 2 of 2)

Greetings readers.

I purposely spaced out part 1 and 2 so I could make sure I had said everything I wanted to say. I wanted to convey the message that bilingualism is exclusive. It allows only some to be recognized as important, at least important enough to regard something so personally linked to culture as language.

I have to ask, how did we get here?  How did we get shifted from independant Indigenous societies with traditions and cultures to the current standard of living some First Nations suffer through.

Bilingualism can spark conflict between French and English speaking Canadians. Bilingualism is one of those things which are perceived as necessary for us to get along, yet it divides and shrinks the importance of other languages. How can we feel comfortable with ourselves if we accept that of the millions who live here, we are officially only a two languaged country? I guess two is better than one, but, why stop at two? Why not agree that this country is multi-languaged?

The States are still on one official language (English – correct me if I am wrong) but they seem reluctant to allow Spanish into the club of languages. But we’re in Canada, so nevermind our neighbour for now.

I hope that some of you have taken the time to view the suggested short film that I posted a link to in part 1.

I can only hope that now, maybe to someone, even just one person, the connection between bilingualism and racism is visible. This isn’t to say that the people who established bilingualism here were out to make this a racist country – or even an exclusive country – but who knows? I sure don’t, do you?

As always, I’m up for a conversation, or answering comments based on anything I’ve submitted to this website. But as of now I can’t move forward on the topic until I receive some agreements or disagreements because it deserves a multi-opinion outlook.

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