Aramark employee charged for theft

    Former Aramark employee, David Wright, will be sentenced on June 10 for stealing cheques and cash from the St. Thomas Students’ Union in November. He admitted to the thefts last Monday in court. President John Hoben says the total amount stolen was approximately $550.

    “The individual involved was employed by Aramark as a custodian, and had a master key that allowed him access to the help desk. We didn’t get the money back, but we wrote new cheques to the societies that had money stolen,” Hoben said.

    The cheques were supposed to go to the Magic the Gathering society, the English society, and the Students for Sustainability club. The union was not compensated for the stolen money and voted unanimously to replace the money.

    “We let facilities know immediately, and they handled most everything after that, including contacting the police and dismissing the employee. This has not happened before for as long as I’ve been on the union,” Hoben said.

    The cheques were stolen between Nov. 23 and Nov. 28, and the cash was stolen between Nov. 26 and Nov. 27.

    He says Erika Hickey, help desk coordinator, now opens and closes the help desk every day and is the only one with a key and combination to the safe.