A letter from the outgoing 2022-23 managing editor

    Dear Reader,

    Endings aren’t easy. Whether they’re the ones written on a page or the ones we face in life, it doesn’t change just how hard picking up and moving on to the next big thing is — but it’s life. Writing an ending letter for my time here at The Aquinian and St. Thomas University is more difficult than I imagined it would be.

    I don’t know how to summarize my experience at STU and The AQ in as little as 500 words, so I’ll do it in 805! There are too many memories to draw upon, too many people to thank, and too many feelings to process. 

    I first began at The Aquinian as a bright-eyed first-year with no experience in press but an extreme passion for storytelling. The Aquinian took that passion and shaped it into something special. I learned how to connect with real people, find and understand the voices in my community and give a platform to truth above all else. Now, on my way to the end of my fourth year, I am grateful for everything The Aquinian and STU journalism has taught me.

    Saying goodbye to something that’s had a big impact on your life is hard — but I know I am just a single grain of sand in The Aquinian’s history and soon another amazing team of editors and writers will take my place and have their lives changed. 

    I need to start thanking people before I get too emotional and write an essay instead of a letter. 

    First and foremost, Aaron Sousa. My journalism partner-in-crime since day one and my editor-in-chief. We fucking did it. Four years of laughter, of sleepless nights, of struggles, of tears, of hugs and deep breaths and we’re finally here. I know that we have as many differences as we do commonalities, but I could not have done this without you. You taught me so much, and not just in terms of Canadian Press Style. To be standing here with you at the end of an amazing year of stories with our team at our side is an absolute honour. I love you dearly and I just know you are going to take the journalism world by storm and make your mark. 

    I cannot write this letter without mentioning the previous managing editor, Hana Delaney. To Hana, thank you for being there. For answering every panic-filled text, for cheering me on, for believing in me. I would’ve gone insane and had thrice the number of breakdowns if not for you. Your kindness and patience with me as I was just taking on this position — so overwhelmed by the newness and strangely large amounts of math involved with the job — means so much more than I can say. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

    To my dearest and most beloved editing team, Giuliana, Jacob, Guin, Keaghan, Dan, Ian, Violet and Martina; you blew every expectation that I had for you guys out of the water. Your commitment to your craft and your ability to discuss critiques is amazing, but you all are so much more than that. I truly feel as though I have found a family in you guys. Your laughter and stories always help make layout day feel just a little bit lighter, and your compassion and understanding is invaluable to me. I would not change a thing about the team we had this year, and I am so, so proud of each and every single one of you. You are all extremely talented and I know that no matter what you choose to pursue, you will be brilliant. 

    And finally, some words of advice for next year’s managing team: It will be alright. This paper, as amazing as it is, takes a lot out of you. There will be days when you will scream and cry and break down because it seems like nothing is going right and everything is failing. But it will be okay. The beauty of The Aquinian is the community that surrounds it — whether it’s our beloved Philip Lee and Jamie Gillies guiding you through a more serious situation or talking with one another about how the hell you’re going to actually get a full issue out this week. It is critical that you rely on the people around you. You are not alone and your community won’t fail you in your time of need. Rely on them and I guarantee you will be successful. 

    This year has been one hell of a ride, and I thank everyone who has taken it with me. My life won’t be the same without The Aquinian, but I know it’s time for new horizons. 

    I can’t wait to see what stories await all of us in the future.
    Here’s to a happy ending. 

    Signing off,

    Brooklyn Wilkins
    2022-23 Managing Editor