Where are the Indians?

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Before I begin I just have to do some house cleaning with a reply to the no2010.com blog.

Over the weekend a reader named Jordan sent me an essay by the group Strax.  Strax is a UNB/STU social justice and student power organization. His article was further pushing the point that the 2010 Olympic Games will leave Vancouver in a social and environmental mess.

Jordan tells me that he had sent the same essay to The Aquinian and The Brunswickan but neither published it. I am willing to forward this essay to anyone willing to read it and further their knowledge of the Olympics and their staggering toll.
That was my first reply by a reader and it was awesome. Keep them coming readers, half the fun of writing is getting responses from you.
Let us begin. Does anyone ever ask themselves, “Where are the Indians?”

I’ve been asking that for years. It’s a great critical question, in a way it’s almost like a weapon for debate. Today I aim my question at a class I am registered in. This class is Canadian Poetry ENGL 3403. The course pack (that’s what a 40 dollar collection of photocopied readings is called in university) contains some of Canada’s highly-regarded poets such as Lampman, Pratt, Klein, and even women poets like Dorothy Livesay and Miriam Waddington.

Does anyone see where my question would fit?
I did some research on the web about Aboriginal poets and found some familiar names but had never read their works, until now. I recommend to you, dear reader, that you look up poems by Chief Dan George and someday we’ll come back to the question, “Where are the Indians?”
If anyone knows any great Indian poets or writers please forward me their names and your favourite selection, and when the topic of Native writers returns we’ll have much more to run with.
Any thoughts? I am always up for discussion. My email is hbdjj@stu.ca, so feel free to email me your thoughts, questions, comments or complaints (put Native Issues in subject box) and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

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  • Karen Narvey

    Poems of Rita Joe

  • Frank Jr. Molley

    I won a Migmag writers award in 2008; since then have been writing extensively, poetry, non-fiction and a few ideas here and there. I returned to STU after a five year absence to improve my writing skills; many good courses here. At the same time I’m finishing the book that won me the award “Spirit Walk” while I attend STU. Just wanted to say I agree, where are all the Indians? On a number of issues at that, well the ones I’m concerned about from a Migmag perspective. My email is gnkjz@stu.ca or better yet, plusua88@gmail.com. I’d wouldn’t mind helping you spread awareness that we do have great Migmag writers/thinkers/authors in our midsts.

    Frank Jr Molley
    Harrington Hall
    455-1010- Ext. 4285

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