Waiting pays

Last semester, I wrote about the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, advising to wait and see about both consoles. I said that buying a new console right away isn’t a good choice, although I haven’t always followed my own advice.

Nintendo’s Wii U console came out on Nov 18, 2012, I went to EB Games to pick mine up. I made the trek up to Regent Mall on Sunday morning. I’m not completely out of shape, but that walk does involve going up the entire hill.

I’ve got a soft spot for Nintendo. I bought the original Wii in 2006, and it is one of my most played game systems. I own around 30 Wii games, with few I’m still trying to track down. I hadn’t regretted picking that system up and figured the Wii U would be a safe bet.

I got a cab home and set everything up, coercing both of my roommates to spend nearly all Sunday playing video games. It wasn’t a tough sell; the system came with a great multiplayer game, Nintendo Land. Having a good game to play certainly helps, so it seemed like my purchase was a good one.

A couple months later, the appeal of Nintendo Land faded. Here’s where the problem with the Wii U came into view: between Nintendo Land and the one Mario game Nintendo rushed out to help sell the system, there was little to play.

Older games and consoles fill my collecting purposes, but a new system is for me to play every chance I get. So, as my Wii U sat next to my TV, with a fine film of dust on the top, I knew I made the wrong choice.

Even now, the game releases are few and far between. I own eight games for my Wii U and I’ve exhausted each. There’s a problem when I spent nearly $400 on the system itself, and that much in games since, and its main feature is to sit next to my TV until a new game comes out. Once I finish that game, it’s back to collecting dust for a while.

The first day is never right for buying a new game system. Like most things, a game system is going to get better the longer it’s been out. Even if you think you need it, just calm down, remember how few games are going to be available, and wait. You won’t regret it.

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