The Trews keep things interesting

Jack Syperek, John-Angus MacDonald, Colin MacDonald and Sean Dalton stop at the Playhouse on their tour (Submitted)

The Trews have made their mark both on the Canadian music scene and around the world for over 10 years.

“If people listen to the records then you will notice changes in the sound definitively. People remember a fun time more than anything.”

With the release of their newest E.P “Thank you and I’m sorry,” the guys are working towards keeping things interesting both on stage and in the studio.

The band is comprised of Macdonald, John-Angus Macdonald, Sean Dalton and Jack Syperek. They’ve been pleasing fans for over a decade and have been working towards shaking things up.

The band’s newest seven song E.P includes collaborations with friends The Black Crowes’ pianist Eddie Harsh and guitarist Rich Robinson.

“We were writing “Not Yours to Love” joking around saying things like that sounds a lot like a Black Crowes song, then Rich actually flew up with Eddie Harsh and ended up playing three songs off of the E.P, Oblivion, Not Yours to Love and Lord Keep me in Mind.”

The band will be back to the studio next year to work on their fifth full-length studio album.

“The new album is something that challenges us as musicians and as long we are doing that then we’ve accomplished our goal.”

The band says it’s difficult to keep things interesting, especially after ten years performing all over Canada. They said one thing that stays the same are the performances they put on are and the good times they have on stage.

“I think our live performances have remained high energy. We like to think of ourselves as a band for everybody,” said Macdonald.

The band said their sound has changed but they try to stray away from being labeled as an “arty” or “indie” band.

“There’s different things going on for sure, we don’t market ourselves as an arty band, that’s lame and pretentious [laughs] but some of our stuff does come off a bit arty…and that’s just what happens.

“We like people who drink beer and have fun. We keep that as our main focus even though we like to challenge ourselves.”

In the spirit of switching things up, the band has kicked off their second acoustic tour since the release of their acoustic CD/DVD Friends & Total Strangers in 2009.

The guys will be stopping by the Fredericton Playhouse to play an acoustic set to kick off their Maritime tour Nov. 27.

“We like to do [acoustic shows] every few years, shake it up, it’s a challenge for us but we like it. It shows a different side of the band focusing more on the vocals and the instruments.”

The fans attending the sold out show can expect a variety of old and new tunes and even some surprises off the new E.P.

“The first set will include old and new songs, and the second we will be taking tweet requests from the audience.”

The ‘request-a-set idea’ is something new the band is trying out, another way to freshen up their set and their tour.

The band says they’re excited to be back in the Maritimes, and can’t wait to play for such a great crowd.

“The Maritimes crowds are great, it’s always nice to come back here. It’s a drinking, fun loving crowd and that’s how we are, we like it a lot.”

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