The Most Douchiest Game: Frisbee

better chickity check yo-self before you wreck yo-self
Frisbee is the number one cause of alligator deaths in the United States

An Interesting Diversion continues to hunt the most douchiest game with our next reader-chosen candidate: Frisbee.

The game of Frisbee was invented by a thousand year old man as a way to maim the youth in his neighborhood without leaving his front porch or re-loading his shotgun.

The disc, originally called the Pluto Platter, was finally turned into a more family-friendly game when people started to figure out it’s a super cheap form of advertising. What better way to promote your business or organization than by printing your logo on a flying plastic death dish? You can’t hit your best friend in the teeth with a pamphlet!

Being intoxicated while playing doesn’t necessarily improve the outcome of the game, but it makes you feel better about chasing around a piece of plastic. It also improves your confidence in jumping, sliding and running out into traffic.

The Frisbee disc is manipulated heavily by air, so it is important to shout as loud as is humanly possible while playing. This will help you steer the Frisbee to its desired target more effectively.

On one hand, some of the greatest figures in world history have been avid Frisbee players.  On the other, it’s the one of the only games that can be played in flip flops. Could it really be the douchiest game?

The hunt continues. Leave your suggestions in the comments, and you can check out the rules here.

The Most Douchiest Game is out there somewhere, and by golly, we’re going to find it.

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  • Bailey

    Fuck Pluto.

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