STU campus quiets down this year

The decline in residence parties this year at St Thomas University is clear and conscious change. Many students are wondering, though, where the raucous attitude has gone.

“There’s definitely a huge difference in the party scene compared to last year,” said Conor Dougherty, a second-year student. “Residence was a lot wilder, and less controlled. Students didn’t act as responsibly as they do this year. I find that the house committees are playing very good leadership roles and encouraging students to take their university experience into their own hands.”

Dougherty moved into one of STU’s best-known residence, Harrington, specifically for the renowned partying. Because he lived off campus last year, he wanted to be more involved in student life and is disappointed to find how much residence has changed.

“To be honest, I’m not sure why students are a lot more appropriate this year. It has to be the positive energy generated by the sense of community we have.”

Dougherty says the situation may be the result of last year’s liquor ban at Harrington Hall.

Similarly, many students living in Chatham are “bored” living in residence this year. However, for second-year student Zac Button, the decrease in partying comes as a blessing.

“Last year the upper years were so focused on getting smashed all the time and influenced the first years to drink, and this year we all have better things to do than get drunk all the time,” Button said.

Sara Downing, of campus security, has also seen a major difference in the atmosphere at STU.

“There is less attendance at social events, and over the weekends the students are usually not too bad.”

Her usual hectic Friday nights have now been replaced by peaceful, uneventful nights.

Downing has a theory.

“I believe that the lack of partying is due to the Harrington alcohol ban from last year or maybe more vigilance from the campus police or security in general.”

Some are wondering how to get the party atmosphere back into residence. First-year student Tanisha Gruban lives in Chatham this year and is extremely disappointed in the “community life” in residence.

“There is nothing going on in res ever. You either have to get a fake ID to go out, or you get drunk with your friends and pass out,” said Gruban.

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