Solo act gains recognition at Galaxie Rising Star competition

Jimmy Lingley competed in the Galaxie Rising Star Competition (Submitted)
Jimmy Lingley competed in the Galaxie Rising Star Competition (Submitted)

“Did you know the busiest Dairy Queen in the world is in Moncton? I mean that’s just unreal, right? I believe the biggest is in Dubai, but I’ll have to Wikipedia that one,” said performer Jimmy Lingley before his set at last week’s Galaxie Rising Star competition.

The Galaxie Rising Star program has been happening all across Canada for over a decade. The program holds competitions at large music events annually.

Over the last few years, the competition has gotten a special spot at Harvest Jazz and Blues. The winner, The Kendra Gale Band, got to open for Radio Radio on Friday and also received a cash prize.

This year’s competition carried various styles with Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers, Mike Trask and the Precious Memories, The Kendra Gale Band and Jimmy Lingley.

Jimmy Lingley was the only act without a band. He played his downtrodden murder ballads and soulful pop folk tunes with just a microphone and a guitar.

That was all the Miramichi musician needed to win the most online votes and come in second place in the overall competition. The contest is broken down into three categories, online votes, audience votes and a judges’ panel.

After his performance, the 20-year-old was sweating from the brow, had scuffed up hair and was talking with his hands. He looked like a mild madman as he sipped an iced coffee.

“I was just standing alone backstage with a painting of a face, on an easel. Then Buck 65 walks in and I shot him a finger gun because it’s Buck 65 and I wanted to say something,” said Lingley. “We both just stood in a mud puddle in silence.”

It was during this awkward backstage moment that the Kendra Gale Band was announced as the overall winner of the competition. Lingley started to pack up his stuff when he heard his own name being called to the stage.

“I was surprised. I figured the Kendra Gale Band had took the whole thing because they were so good and fun. All the bands were,” said Lingley.

“To be a part of Harvest was a huge milestone. It’s an important festival and all the organizers and bands are terrific, so it was a really pleasant new experience.”

Jimmy Lingley is used to playing at popular Miramichi bars for familiar locals or in his basement studio, creating new sounds with a martini in hand. However, 2013 is holding a lot more for the young the artist.

On top of winning most online votes, Lingley has also been nominated for Emerging Artist of the Year at the upcoming Music NB awards. He is also working on a short-film and a local TV show.

“It’s a judgey type of year. I’m doing a lot of performances in front of judges, left and right. But I’m happy,” said Lingley.

“I’m definitely not sad, I’m not outraged that’s for sure. Yeah, I’m happy with how things are going.”

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