Epilogue: Pets over people

People are weird- there’s all this interacting you have to do with them all the time. We’ve all had those awkward hellos, eye-contact dysfunctions, those “do I smell bad?” days and that whole small-talk problem. It would be nice to ditch society for a bit and forget all of humanity’s little quirks, but after a few days or even a few hours, loneliness starts to creep in. What’s a fella to do? The answer is a companion of your own, one who doesn’t care if you stink, one that doesn’t care if you have a lot to say or even better, one that doesn’t even talk. Yes, a pet is a good friend indeed. Contrary to popular belief, dog is no longer man’s only best friend. People are finding pet-pals in all sorts of species.


Kelsey Young – Guinea Pigs, Pig and Charlie

It takes me so long to do anything because any time I go to my room I just stop and stare at them. Every holiday I edit costumes on pictures of them. I’ve had these guy since I first moved out, they’re like my children. I just got a custom-made necklace of Pig, it’s so detailed right down to the feet colors.



Cameron O'Neil (Cooke/AQ)
Cameron O’Neil (Cooke/AQ)


Cameron O’Neil – Sea monkeys

“Sea monkeys are awesome because they’re easy to take care of, and they can live for up to 2 years. I don’t have to do much other than feed them and sometimes add more water. I keep them on my kitchen fridge so my kitten, Andy, doesn’t knock them over.”





Trish Henheffer (Cooke/AQ)
Trish Henheffer (Cooke/AQ)



Trish Henheffer – Bunnies, Luci and Alex

“I love owning bunnies. They are loving and cuddly but not as much work as a cat or dog. Luci is my cuddle bug and Alex is my baby boy!”





Rebecca Rideout (Cooke/AQ)
Rebecca Rideout (Cooke/AQ)



Rebecca Rideout – Cat, Mikey and hedgehog, Hedgie

“I’ve had Mikey for twelve years but we’ve spent the last 3 and a half years since I started University apart so I’m very grateful to have her here with me this year. Cuddling with her is a great stress reliever and she consistently gets me up at 8:00 am every morning to be fed. Hedgie is a very easy pet to look after. She eats cat food and drinks water from a dish. She has a wheel she likes to run on but it requires cleaning often as she thinks it’s also her bathroom. She’s a great conversation starter as people are generally curious about Hedgehogs.”




Andrea Barcenas – Dog, Sophie

“Sophie is the most important member in my family—the baby princess we all want to spoil! She’s the most fabulous soccer player and she can’t help running behind every ball she sees! I’m sure Sophie is my mom’s favourite daughter— she even has her own closet!”






Alex Brown (Cooke/AQ)
Alex Brown (Cooke/AQ)


Alex Brown – Cat, Ratchet

“My cat, Ratchet, was named after a video game character. I love him because I’ve had him since he was a baby. I used to carry him around on my shoulder, but unfortunately he’s too big for that now. It’s nice having a cat to come home to.”

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