Editor’s Picks 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

Cassidy Chisholm

Even though I just saw Thor: Ragnarok in theatres, it has already restored my faith in Marvel’s adaptation of Thor. After The Dark World was released, I was left with the impression that Marvel had given up on Thor to focus on new characters. But Ragnarok changed my life. Starting off with jokes on jokes on jokes, it got me excited about the Marvel franchise again. Ragnarok reintroduced Thor and Hulk as a duo ready to take on a new villain and give the viewers an insight to Infinity War which comes out in May. New questions were established but the audience was also given answers, something Marvel fans crave. The film introduced new characters but also had the fan favourites that we know and love, making it a classic Marvel movie that captures the attention of viewers and leaves them excited for the next film.


The Defenders

Vincent Jiang

If you don’t hate Marvel’s superheroes, The Defender is definitely the show you need to watch during Christmas. Four of Marvel’s biggest heroes, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron fist collaborate together and protect New York City from the Hands, an ancient organization hailing from the Far East, and their biggest weapon, Black Sky. For Marvel fans, it proves more than worth the wait. For people without a prior knowledge of the characters, the winter break is the best time to catch up with those superheroes you like and their shows on Netflix.


Stranger Things 2

Angela Bosse

The sequel to the wildly popular first season, Stranger Things 2 is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a healthy dose of nostalgia, even if us late 90s kids are way too young to ever have experienced the 80s the way Stranger Things portrays it. The second season is creepier and better than the first, as viewers get to return to Hawkins and the characters they love. #JusticeforBarb may be dead, but Steve Harrington’s babysitting career is thriving, as well as his flawless hair. With the introduction of new characters like Mad Max and Bob Newby (played by none other than Samwise Gamgee from the Shire) Stranger Things 2 is a must-see for fans and anyone else who hasn’t caught up with the show yet.


Game of Thrones

Troy Glover

Season seven of GOT has three less episodes than its previous seasons but that didn’t stop it from being just as awesome. Dragons, undead soldiers, the curing of diseases, plot twists, and the best thing of all, less incest. There was still some, but not as much as previous episodes. Hearts were broken from the loss of a precious dragon, but anticipation rose from the potential of the next season with a dead but not really dragon. The battles are memorable, and the cinematic experience is godly. The last thing to take from the season is the change of heart of one sibling who ventures off in the distance to take part in his next adventure. GOT season seven was a must see for 2017.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Caitlin Dutt

You may think upon reading this title, that Spider-man: Homecoming is just another Marvel movie (or even worse another Marvel origin story). However, Marvel producers have rejuvenated this installment with a youthful energy and humour present in the teen Avenger. After having arrived late to the now well-known and esteemed Avengers team, Peter Parker feels that his wildest dreams have been fulfilled.

However, the Avengers don’t take him seriously after he helps them once and he struggles to convert back to the friendly neighbourhood hero after they ditch him. Robert Downy Jr. plays the role of reluctant father and talented Tom Holland plays the role of likeable awkward teen as Parker strives to prove himself, even against less sinister villains and as he learns that you don’t have to save the world to make a difference in it.


Handmaid’s Tale

Sarah Betts

For a story written in 1985, it’s terrifying how relevant it seems today. This Hulu-ordered show based on Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel forces us to think about the current political atmosphere and paved the way for streaming services to take over award shows. It won eight Primetime Emmys to prove their impact on the entertainment world. These wins also illustrated how damn scary and not-so-unlikely Atwood’s world of Gilead seems. One major success in this show is how true it stays to the roots of its story, including imagery and plot. But what did it for me is the fierce performances. Basic sanity is at stake and a single wrong move could close all doors for the women of this theocratic dictatorship. It keeps you on edge the entire time. Best of all, it has a badass soundtrack to inspire you to stick it to the man.


Get Out!

Sarah Morin

Get Out came out in February and it’s still on my mind. It’s a mystery/thriller movie that follows the life of an African American man who goes to meet his white girlfriend’s parents’ house for the weekend in an upper-class house in the woods. At first, everyone at the house seems friendly, but that soon gives way to a nightmare as the protagonists discovers some dark family secrets. The movie is outstanding, delving into liberal racism in America and revealing its horror.



Shannon Cornelius

After Mark Weatherly left the show at the end of the season 13 in 2016, many people felt the show would die off but the producers of NCIS have done well to keep it going. Season 15 has been action packed with new cases every week, and tons of drama. With Maria Bello making her debut as Jacqueline Sloane, and the series beginning with McGee and Gibbs still stuck in Paraguay and Bishop leading point back home. There are twists and turns at every point, and the last episode left off with McGee and Delilah having twins. There are rumors that Pauley Perrette will be leaving the show at the end of this season, so it’s definitely not one to miss!


Baby Driver

William Cumming

His name is Baby. That’s right, B-A-B-Y, Baby. He is a kid who finds himself deep in the world of crime thanks to his unmatched ability behind the wheel. But amazing action sequences aren’t the only thing that make this film a must see. The soundtrack that accompanies them is what makes the movie. Baby is a quirky guy, and one of his biggest quirks is the fact that he needs to be listening to music in order to focus, and all his actions are choreographed to the songs he is listening to. With supporting actors like John Ham and Jamie Curtis, this is a film in which everyone can find something they enjoy.

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