Epilogue: How do you de-stress?

Oscar Baker III and Joseph Tunney are out on the streets trying to discover what students do to relieve stress. Hopefully their tough hard-hitting questions don’t cause any.

masterbationWhat relieves your stress?

Sean McCollum: Furiously masturbating.


Tiffany West: Singing helps improve your immune system and nobody wants to get sick when their stress.

Joe: Is that actually a fact?

Tiffany West: Yes.

Joe: I did not know that. So I’m healthier in the shower?


httpwww.seth-walters.comJoe: We’ve already gotten two people on tape saying they relieve stress through furious masturbation. You can be the third or you can go a different route.

Marissa Scott: Furiously masturbating and then sleeping. Do I have to be truthful? Because that’s not the truth. I go to the Cellar.


Adrian Francis: Mostly I go to the gym, do physical activity. Is this for the school?

Joe: Yes.

Adrian Francis: Okay, we’ll leave it at that.


Ryan Nowlan: During exam week I pump out most of my work that needs to get done. I’ve never been the type of person that does their work a week before. I do it the night before its due. Obviously that’s detrimental to me. But in all seriousness I handle it by setting my work aside, getting an outline of what I need to do, from there I go and do half an hour intervals of work, giving myself Smoking and Video Games CMYKfifteen minutes breaks. I find that helps break it up. Usually I smoke a cigarette while I do that. Helps me kick back and relax. When I have down time I’m normally hanging out with the homies. Killing stress, or other people online.

Joe: So you’re a murderer?

Ryan Nowlan: I’m a murderer.

Joe: You like, call people up, set a date, and then you murder them?

Ryan Nowlan: Yeah, well, it’s online. It’s mostly Grand Theft Auto. That, and extensive masturbation. Haha, JK. Strike that from the record.

Joe: Will do.


womackcompany.com CMYKAutumn Locke: I usually just schedule everything. I’m a scheduler. I just do what I need to do.

Oscar: How does that work out for you?

Autumn Locke: Generally pretty well. I bring my day planner everywhere. I even schedule when I hang out with friends.

Ryan Nowlan: Autumn masturbates.

Joe: Do you schedule that?

Autumn Locke: No. I don’t schedule that.

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