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Why you should vote

Prof says policy flawed  by conflict of interest

Prof says policy flawed by conflict of interest

STU taken to court over RTI request

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Disconnected by my disability

I’m either too old or too young for this shit. When I get dragged into a passive-aggressive social media fight? I’m too old for this shit. When I’m sharing a hospital room with a one-legged…

Should voting be mandatory in Canada?

Only 40 per cent of young people vote in Canada, but 100 per cent of young people vote in Brazil. That’s because voting is mandatory in Brazil. Many are desperately trying to mobilize the youth…

Student employment or part-time harassment

Student employment or part-time harassment

The best thing some students can hope for in their part-time jobs is that their bosses won’t harass them during their next shift. STU alumni…

Misophonia: fight, flight or freeze

While awareness campaigns have done much to reduce the social stigma around mental illnesses recently, there are still some that are only now coming to…

A social media nightmare

Three years ago, when Brittany Thorogood was in her early 20s, she received a message from a friend urging her to check out the link…

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Theatre St. Thomas 2015 season mixes politics and the divine

Theatre St. Thomas has two shows coming up for its 45th season this year that look at how individuals respond to…

Writing the next Iliad during full-time studies

Kelsey Armour was assigned a few pages of a book in her Grade 9 English class and told to continue the…

Art collectives invite you to get involved

Two Fredericton-based groups are looking to change the way people experience the arts in Fredericton. The Shifty Bits Cult, along with…

From The Aquinian to the big stage: finding yourself through comedy

Like the average student, when Meg Mackay graduated from St. Thomas University four years ago, she thought she’d be getting a…

Mike Evin stops in on East Coast tour

Mike Evin stops in on East Coast tour

Canadian singer-songwriter Mike Evin is making a stop at The Grad House on campus this Thursday as part of his fall tour. The artist is on a cross-Canada tour promoting…

Harvest – you ol’ dog, you

Harvest Jazz and blues is truly a magical time. It’s been 25 years since the festival began and this year was no exception to the spell that’s cast every September.…

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Tommies hockey mentor youth

St. Thomas’s men’s hockey head coach, assistant coaches, and team players will begin offering hockey lessons to young players in Fredericton starting Oct. 05. The hockey camp will be held at the Grant Harvey Centre Monday’s between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. for the next eight weeks.…

Fredericton MMA fighter entered the octagon Saturday

Roller derby returns locally

Women’s rugby remain league leaders

New home course for STU golfers

18 recognized in athletics and academics

Reds capture the hill against STU

Woman’s rugby remains undefeated