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STU taken to court over RTI request

NDP hopes for breakthrough in Fredericton

New Resource for ‘Assisting Students in Distress’

New Resource for ‘Assisting Students in Distress’

Group hopes to defeat Conservatives with strategic voting

Group hopes to defeat Conservatives with strategic voting

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Rebel without a closet

With Pope Francis announcing late last week he’ll release a rock album titled Wake Up! in November, the question arises: what the hell happened to rock ‘n’ roll? What happened to albums like The Sex…

Misophonia: fight, flight or freeze

While awareness campaigns have done much to reduce the social stigma around mental illnesses recently, there are still some that are only now coming to the public’s’ attention. Misophonia is one of them. “It’s a…

Disability invisibility

Disability invisibility

For all intents and purposes, I am disabled. I wear an ostomy bag 24/7 because when I was 16 years old, I had my colon…

Staying stress free with a little P.E.

Doctors in Ontario have recently been given the ability to prescribe exercise to their patients. “It seems kind of silly,” said Mike Eagles, Director of…

Gender-neutral solutions sought

Gender-neutral solutions sought

My girlfriend and I are cuddling on my bed and we are talking. We are speaking about why and what we love about each other.…

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Art collectives invite you to get involved

Two Fredericton-based groups are looking to change the way people experience the arts in Fredericton. The Shifty Bits Cult, along with…

From The Aquinian to the big stage: finding yourself through comedy

Like the average student, when Meg Mackay graduated from St. Thomas University four years ago, she thought she’d be getting a…

Harvest – you ol’ dog, you

Harvest Jazz and blues is truly a magical time. It’s been 25 years since the festival began and this year was…

Finding human beauty with strip Monopoly.

The human body is like a cold: you shouldn’t share it with your friends. Unless you’re playing Strip Monopoly. Strip Monopoly…

Music outshines age for Harvest-goers

While Harvest Jazz and Blues draws in 15,000 music lovers annually, Chairperson of Harvest Jazz Mike Comeau says it is not just returning hardcore fans they want to attend. “I…

Community centre aims to grow student involvement

A new community centre has opened its doors after months of planning, planting and pruning and is looking for students to get involved with creating a system of sustainable and…

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New home course for STU golfers

The St. Thomas University golf team has a new home course for practice and play, allowing STU golfers an opportunity to improve their skills despite a tough season. “One new feature this year is a sponsorship with West Hill’s golf course.” said Coach Ed Jeffrey.…

18 recognized in athletics and academics

Reds capture the hill against STU

Woman’s rugby remains undefeated

STU Women’s Soccer lose home opener

STU Gym Offers Free Fitness Classes Starting This Week

Woman’s Rugby Dominates Again

STU struggling to score