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Editor-in-Chief – Caitlin Dutt

Caitlin Dutt is the Editor-in-Chief of The Aquinian. She is also a fourth-year journalism and communications student at St. Thomas University. This is her third consecutive position with the newspaper, returning after working as photo editor in her second year and layout editor in her third. Dutt has also worked as a summer intern at Fredericton’s local paper, the Daily Gleaner. As EIC, she hopes to use her experience in the newsroom to tell thought-provoking stories that inspire people or invoke change. When she’s not running around campus, she enjoys going on adventures and reading examples of great journalism. Have a story tip? You can contact her at

Managing Editor – Jerry-Faye Flatt

Jerry-Faye Flatt is a fourth-year journalism and communications student and The Aquinian’s managing editor. Flatt is returning after a challenging but rewarding year as the arts editor in her third-year. She’s thrilled to be managing a newspaper she believes publishes hard-hitting journalism and thought-provoking pieces (nothing beats dropping off a stack of papers with a front page story that’s bound to create buzz across campus). When she’s not busy out getting the latest scoop, you can find her playing in bands or driving around in her red 1981 Ford econoline van. If you have a story tip, you can contact her at or find her writing in the Great Hall.

News Editor – Diana Chávez

Diana Chávez is a third-year journalism and Great Books student from Ecuador. She loves theatre, Harry Potter (Slytherins, where you at?) and drinking chamomile tea. She is thrilled to be the news editor for the 2019-20 year. Chávez has written for The Aquinian since her first year at St. Thomas University and has also worked at publications such as, Huddle Today and the Brunswickan. She enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds, listening to their unique stories and then writing them. If you ever see her running around on campus, feel free to approach her and say hi! If you have any story ideas or questions, you can send her an email to

Senior Writer – Alishya Weiland

Alishya Weiland is a third-year journalism and communications student and The Aquinian’s Senior Writer. Weiland has contributed to The Aquinian for two years now, and is excited to play a bigger role in the paper and help uncover important stories. When she’s not running around as a journalist, she’s spending time with her family or watching television news. She loves listening to people tell their stories and believes the best journalism comes from where you’d least expect it. You may find her in the Great Hall buried in books, but don’t be afraid to say hi! As a mom she’s always willing to offer up a hand when it’s needed plus, we know she’s hiding snacks in her bag.
Story tip? You can contact her at

Features Editor – Jasmine Gidney

Jasmine Gidney is a third-year journalism major and The Aquinian’s features editor. Gidney enjoys writing in all sorts of different styles, from fictional horror comedies, to sassy film reviews, to hard-hitting news stories. She started writing for The Aquinian in her first year at St. Thomas and hasn’t stopped since. Her love of meeting new people and listening to stories has guided her way. As the features editor, she hopes to include diverse voices in the STU narrative. She’s always on the lookout for new and fascinating ideas. If you have story ideas, don’t hesitate to contact her at

Arts Editor – Johnny James

Johnny James is a fourth-year journalism and communications major and the arts editor for The Aquinian. James has deep roots in the Fredericton music and arts scene. He’s written for The Aquinian since coming to St. Thomas University and has also worked as a radio host at the campus station CHSR-FM for the past five years. James has produced print, photo and video stories for large scale events such as the East Coast Music Awards, Halifax Pop Explosion and the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. When he’s not busy reporting or going to school, he can be found with his headphones in reviewing music, whether it’s new, old or obscure. If you have a story idea you can contact him at or you can find him on campus wearing a t-shirt of a band you’ve probably never heard of. Don’t hesitate to say hello!

Sports Editor – Billy Cole

Billy Cole is a third-year journalism and English major at St. Thomas University and a die-hard sports fan. He fell in love with writing when he was 15 and decided to pursue journalism. Cole is excited to be the new sports editor and fill the shoes of Shannon Cornelius. Cole also has a love for photography which was inspired by his mother. In his free time, you can find him playing rugby or at JDH having coffee with his friends. He’ll keep you up-to-date on all the Tommies action. You can email him anytime with questions or story ideas at

Photo Editor – Alex Dascalu

Alex Dascalu is a fourth-year journalism and communications student and this year’s photo editor for The Aquinian. Dascalu is originally from Piatra-Neamț, Romania. He came to St. Thomas University to become a history major, but changed his major to journalism when he discovered his love for photography and writing. You’ll often see him walking around the campus with his camera bags or in GMH editing photos. So, don’t be shy and come say hi! If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation, you can contact him anytime at

Layout Editor – Young Joo Jun

Young Joo Jun is a third-year journalism student from Kazakhstan and The Aquinian’s layout editor. This year, she hopes to make informative and interesting decisions for the layout of The Aquinian after spending last year as the photo editor. She likes seafood, bubble tea and can also speak Russain. You’ll see her running around campus with a camera, snapping photos in her spare time.

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