Women’s volleyball loses preseason home opener to the Blue Devils

(Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

The St. Thomas University women’s volleyball team played the University of King’s College Blue Devils in an intense game on Oct. 27.

Much of the first set featured great plays by both teams, going back and forth and quickly generating energy from the teams and the crowd. After some nice plays, the Tommies ultimately stole the set 30-28.

The tension rose at the beginning of the second set, as both teams made terrific saves and strikes. However, the Tommies eventually fell behind and gave the set to the Blue Devils 25-18.

As the third set began, it was clear the set would be no different than the first two. Both teams kept the score tight. The suspense grew and despite some great plays, the Tommies came up short and lost the set 25-22.

The women lost three out of four sets. (Jonathan Fidler/AQ)

In the beginning of the fourth set it was evident neither team was ready to give up easily, trading the lead back and forth. The Blue Devils narrowly took the set 27-25.

Tommies head coach Don McKay hoped to see more from his veteran players during the game.

“Right now we’re hurting a little bit. We’ve got some injuries and players missing,” said McKay.

“We had some really good parts to our game, but when you get into a match you look to your experienced players to step up and I think we were a little slow at doing that today.”

All four sets were close, the first one going into extra points. (Jonathan Fidler//AQ)

He’s hopeful about his new players and is excited to see what they can achieve.

“Jolie Allain is a rookie and she had some great plays today, she’s got a great leap and good attack,” said McKay.

“We also have some great additions in Marissa Hallihan and Andrea Bell. Hailee Fleck is another rookie who walked on into a tight game and made some great serves.”

McKay is hopeful for the season despite the outcome of the game.

“It’s early in the season, we would have loved to have won this one but it’s in the books.”