Women’s soccer battles Holland College till the end

Stephanie Fauquier – The Aquinian

Still fighting for a win this season

Women's Soccer (Jessica Bruce/AQ)
Women's Soccer (Jessica Bruce/AQ)

This weekend the women and men’s soccer teams took on Holland College at Barker Street Field. The women put up a great fight, but ended up losing 6-0, continuing a rough season of no wins. Still, the team is in a rebuilding phase adding fourteen new players to the roster.

“We have six of our eleven starters out on the bench with various injuries so obviously there is a lot of shuffling going on,” said team captain Maggie Waddell. “No one is really comfortable in their position, everyone is playing different positions. The girls know what they need to do, but they couldn’t do it today”.

Coach Singh was not impressed by the level of play demonstrated by his players yesterday.

“The players were poor, they didn’t do any justice playing for the Tommies today,” he said. “They let themselves down. Basically they were second best at everything, which was very disappointing. All the hard work the last few weeks basically went down the window. Our heads were not in the game and it was really disappointing overall.”

Singh continued with a more optimistic view, hoping the women can turn it around next week when they take on UKC at home. Singh feels that the season overall has been good, the team has played well in many of their games, but has been plagued this season with injuries – losing six of their key players.

Singh wants commend his team for playing the full 90 minutes hard this season.

“The girls made a lot of plays down into the final tip, in the defensive tip they have had to work really hard.”

A lot of his players have had to step up there play from high school to university play, which Singh says is a whole different level.

He said that he would like to recruit players for next year and believes the team will only grow in a positive way.


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