When STU and UNB join forces

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St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick share not only a campus, but athletic club teams as well.

UNB Fredericton is home to 22 club teams. Some of the club teams include ringette, fencing, football, cheerleading and tennis. All of the club teams welcome both UNB and STU students to join.

STU students who are apart of these teams say UNB staff and students are friendly and welcoming to STU students.

Martha Cudmore is currently on the ringette team. She said the atmosphere of the combining schools is very accepting.

“I find UNB staff and students are just as welcoming to STU students as they are to UNB students,” said Cudmore.

STU student Mary Baker, who is a part of the UNB fencing club, said there still is some friendly banter about which of the two universities is the best.

“I’m a really competitive person, so I’m always insisting that STU is better. Surrounded by UNB students though, I’m a little outnumbered,” said Baker.

Some of the clubs are open to those with all levels of experience. Those interested in joining a club team but worried about not being a total pro have no need to worry.

Baker has had a good experience so far.

“If you suck or have never held a weapon in your life, there are awesome coaches to help you out. Plus, the best part is that the club is always open to beginners any time of the year.”

Baker said she was never one for athletics until this year.

Club teams are also great for those who don’t have the time or aren’t ready to commit to a varsity team.

“Club teams are recreational, so there is no pressure to keep up with your grades and compete in the sport,” said Cudmore.

While Baker and Cudmore noted it would be nice for STU to have their own ringette and fencing teams, they both agreed it works out better for everyone having STU students combine with UNB. UNB has the on-campus facilities, like the Aitken University Centre and has funding for club teams.

A large portion of STU students have no idea half of these club teams exist.

Baker said she found out about the fencing club at the UNB clubs and societies fair, which she mentioned not many STU students know about either.

“I didn’t know last year until someone mentioned it. Had someone not have told me about the team, I still wouldn’t know it exists,” said Cudmore.

To learn more about any of these teams, students can go to the UNB athletics page and look for Club Sports. This is where teams contact information can be found if you have any questions, or are interested in joining.


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